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Sunday, March 20, 2016

In Search of Europe by Lucas de Man

"To have visions, you have to have great ideas."

The Netherlands and the Philippines has had consular relations for 150 years and marks its 65th year of diplomatic ties this year. The Embassy of the kingdom of Netherlands kicked off the celebration with- Inspire Innovation: Leading Sustainable Innovations toward a Progressive World." It focuses on the promotion of innovative solutions that sustains international development, capitalizing on the common interests of Dutch and Filipinos. It is a series of lectures, film festival, and a fashion design exchange program.

Lucas de Man, a visionary artist, is the founder and artistic leader of Amsterdam-based company New Heroes; director at Het Zuidelijk Toneel, and presenter at Kunstuur, and art television show.

His lecture, :In Search of Europe" highlights his one month travels to 17 European cities in 8 countries wherein he interviewed young artists and professionals who are trying to effect positive change. This was held at the U.P. Theatre last March 15, 2016.

Excerpts from the Lucas de Man art performance:

"16th cetury is the period of transition like 2016. Most people in our time (year 2016) are bored and we are also spoiled. Usually, we are afraid of the unknown and it is the time in our life when we are not sure of what the future will bring."

"By naming something you create it--- something is boiling in Europe and I am afraid to name it. To have visions, you have to have great ideas. It makes no difference what you do- what you do makes a difference. Some people are optimistic, some are pessimistic. Let us remove barriers." (Engin of Istanbul)

"Enclosure of the commons. For example- air, sky and water. The concept of Utopia began in the 16th century when things were placed in enclosures. One person said, I don't believein utopias but I believe in common experiences."

"There is direct democracy and representative democracy which is what is being applied in Spain. Representative democracy was created so that every one has the chance to be heard."

"Every crisis is a transition," says Lucas de Man. The latin word for crisis is --- it means- transition.
"Ownership of creativity." the artist owns his creativity, but once he makes something, that becomes public property.

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