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Thursday, November 5, 2015

Premium HyC150: A Traveler's Hydration Companion

It is always fun to travel and get to see so many places, and learn about different cultures. Traveling also broadens one's horizons and more and more people are bitten by the travel bug.

However, there are times when traveling can also make you tire easily because you've roamed around too much. And sometimes, drinking water can be a problem unless you always have a water bottle with you. More often, keeping yourself properly hydrated has been a problem with travelers. But now that Premium HyC150 is here, it has become a handy solution to keep you hydrated.

With today’s technology, traveling has become more convenient and accessible. From the beginning of a trip until its end, technology plays an important role. Browse the Internet for tips and fun finds from online blogs, best rated restaurants, and exotic places you want to explore.  Book a flight and accommodation on promo, navigate around an unfamiliar area and even translate foreign languages or know real time foreign exchange with the use of your gadgets.
All these plus a regular update to your friends and loved one by posting photos and sharing experiences on social.
Without a doubt, our traveling experience has gone many levels up. However, everyone should remember to take care of your body in order to enjoy the trip. Traveling may take a toll on your body if you do not nourish your body with the right nutrients. Your immune system must be strong and you must be full of energy to get from one place to another. By eating healthy food and drinks, a day full of activities will not wear you out. Fine Japan Co. Ltd., a 40-year-old wellness company that has been manufacturing nutraceutical products, has come up with a supplemental drink that is perfect for travelers.
The Premium HyC150 is a supplemental drink that contains hyaluronic acid, collagen and ubiquinol and fortified with vitamin C, biotin, elastin and pearl coix. These ingredients ensure that you are supplied with the right nutrients that will help prevent sagging, cell damage and system injury, protect your body from harmful toxins, and boost your body’s energy.
When you are out, your skin is exposed to the harshness of the sun, wind and sea. Even when you are inside a plane, cabin pressure may result to dry skin. So without proper care, your skin will break out and you will lose that youthful and radiant glow. Do not let your skin suffer because of bad choices. Photos are memories that you can keep for a long time so make sure that when you snap that shot, no tired or damaged skin will ruin the moment for you. By drinking Premium HyC150, you are supplied with hyaluronic acid for superior skin hydration and collagen to prevent skin breakout.
The Premium HyC150 comes in sachets, making it very convenient and easy to bring with you at any of your destinations. Whether you are a backpacker or going with a large suitcase, the Premium HyC150 will not be a hassle to carry. And because it is a nutritional supplement, it is safe and not prohibited in any place you are planning to go.
Premium HyC150 is available at selected Watsons stores nationwide, as well on Lazada Philippines at

For more information, visit our website at; like us on Facebook at www,; follow us on Twitter #HyC150 or Instagram @HyC150; or call (02) 546-7297 or 0917-7750779.


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