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Sunday, August 9, 2015

TRAVEL: A Glimpse of Bangkok

Bangkok, Thailand is a place of many colorful and wonderful discoveries. It is not just elephants and temples as what we read in books. Exploring Bangkok became a reality for me when I joined Team Bangkok of The Air Asia Travel Photographer 2015. Together with TJ Nepumoceno (travel photographer contender), Raymond Cruz (Nikon photographer), Peter Frac (videographer), and representatives from Air Asia and Nikon, we went around Bangkok to capture its essence.

My first sunrise in Bangkok. I know I woke up late but since there's an hour difference between Manila and Bangkok, I was able to see the sunrise. The city looks so calm during this time of day.

I went around the vicinity of our hotel and discovered this "alley" market. I feasted on the sight, sound and smell. Communicating with most locals can be difficult but hand gestures and tons of smile helped a lot.

Simply breathtaking. This is just a part of the Grand Palace complex; A maze of big and small palaces and temples.

The lines and structure of Paragon Mall will excite architecture buffs but for some travelers, Paragon Mall is a food and shopping haven.

Nighttime brings in a lot of excitement also. There are numerous night markets to visit as well as restaurants and bars that's open until the wee hours of the morning.

*** all photos are captured using iPhone 6

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