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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Salud Tesoro: The Story of a Successful Entrepreneurial Filipina

Tesoros is synonymous with fine handcrafted Filipiana items that is both popular with locals and balikbayans, and tourists.

Last August 20, family members, friends and loyal patrons trooped to Manila Polo Club to witness and celebrate the book launch- Salud S. Tesoro: The Story of a Successful Entrepreneurial Filipina.

"Through this book, one would appreciate TESOROS' roots and vision," says TESOROS Group CEO Maria Isabel Tesoro. "It relates the core values instilled by our mother. Those values inspire us to constantly bring out the best Filipino works: to sustain traditional art forms by nurturing respected craftsmen, and to expand our reach and relevance by supporting creations of young upcoming designers, all the while maintaining the highest quality standards and hospitable service that our mother made TESOROS famous for."

Guests at the launch were enthralled by Carlos Celdran's storytelling of Dona Salud's life and how she became a successful entrepreneur.

The book launch is in line with Tesoros 70th anniversary this coming October. "We hope that by sharing with you the story of our mother and the success of her Tesoros handicraft business, we have sparked in you a greater belief in the great Filipino values of hard work, discipline and artistry."

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