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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Mrs. Philippines Globe 2015

Ms. Sherry Lou Villasenor won the illustrious Mrs. Philippines- Globe 2015 which was held at the Moonbay Beach in Subic Bay Freeport Zone last May 31, 2015. She is the epitome of empowered mother, and woman.

(L to R) Jhunie Grace Lagman, Maria Engracia Maniago, Sherry Lou Villasenor, Mrs. Philippines-Globe 2015; 
Mary Ann Ternora, First Runner-up; and Jonalyn Agustin. 

The lovely ladies for this year's Mrs. Philippines-Globe includes: Victoria Harnisch, Joana Krisanta La Madrid, Maria Aishelle Hwang, Sherry Lou Villasenor, Yolanda Llamas, Joann Rosales, Jhunie Grace Lagman, Maria Engracia Maniago, Jonalyn Agustin, Ruby Liboon, Jennifer Umali, Marilou Weir, Estrella Bobruk, Roscel Tala, Joe Ann Smith, Alodia Solis, Mary Ann Ternora, and Grace Albonia.

Mrs. Yolanda Llamas takes home the Best Talent of the Year Award with her portrayal of an OFW, and the sacrifices that it entails in being a mother.

Mrs. Maria Aishelle Hwang won the L'Oreal Woman of Worth.

Contestants during the long gown competition. These ladies exude not only elegance but grace under pressure. Who would have thought that aside from being beauty contestants, these lovely ladies are already Queens in their own homes and embrace motherhood to the fullest?

Husband of the Year Award goes to Mr. Weir

Mrs. Janice Trillo, the MPG2014 title holder passes on the crown to Mrs. Sherry Lou Villasenor, who won the title of Mrs. Philippines- Globe 2015. Congratulations !!!

Mrs. Philippines-Globe is presented by L'Oreal, Solane, Camayan Beach Resort, Ocean Adventure, Calchews, Working Mom Magazine, and Bio Oil, in partnership with Island Rose, Coffee Scrub Delight, Easyrock 96.3, Bragais Shoes, and Chef's Avenue.

The pageant is organized by EVI Marketing Communications, and is supported by Moonbay Marina Leisure Resort, The Lighthouse Marina Resort, Buma Subic Hotel, Subic Park Hotel and Restaurant Inc., The Villas, Moonbay Marina Leisure Resort, Mansion Garden Hotel, Subic Bay, Leciel Hotel, Segara Hotel, and Subic Coastal Development Corporation.

Visit these links to see more photos:

MPG2015 Pageant Night 1
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  1. I am happy and grateful that you have highlighted this...huggggggg

  2. I am truly happy and grateful for your efforts, huggggs

    1. Hi Mads,
      I am happy for all of you as well :)


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