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Thursday, June 4, 2015

7 Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Quotes to Live By

by: Rsti Santi & Edel San

As we get older we try to find meaning in our lives, naturally we look for guidance from others who have seen beyond than most of us. In essence, we are looking for a teacher, a guru who can give us fresh insight into life. Fortunately for these writer an opportunity turned up to hear words of wisdom from Sri sri Ravi Shankar, a guru from Bangalore, India. Sri sri, as he was fondly called by members of the Art of Living organization, was in the country last April 8 and he mesmerized the audience with his wit, wisdom and childlike laughter.

Take care of your mind.”
We all want to take care of our body. But in mystical traditions, the mind is as important if more than the body.
Make life a celebration.”
Life becomes more meaningful if we will view it as a gift and an opportunity to celebrate the wonder of God and nature.

My work and my life are the same.”
To Sri Sri there is no inner and outer life. There must be unity between what one.

You have mission to bring peace; to put a smile on everyone’s face. “
Spirituality is not just achieving a state of enlightenment. An enlightened one must make others happy.

Meditation is not doing something, it is undoing something.
Though an initial step, sitting in relaxed or Lotus position is not meditation per se.

Meditation keeps you more vibrant and happy; inwardly happy.”
Unknown to many meditation is not just about achieving good health and peace of mind. Meditation is simply being attune with one's self. 

Happiness is not an island. “
To be totally happy, you have to share what you have and what you know to others. Interacting and being with others bring its own joy.


  1. Sometimes, we need to hear or read these stuff so we can rearrange our lives for a better future. =)

  2. i love quotations... i used to collect them, and read it over and over until i actually live them :)

  3. I agree, your work and your life are one. And yes, life takes more meaning when we open it to welcome others and to share it with them.

  4. Thanks for these inspiring quotes!



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