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Friday, February 6, 2015

Nurturing Giftedness

During the 90's, three gifted children graced our TV screens. They are Kiko Galura, Shaira Luna, and James Flores. Child prodigies are described as "gifted kids whose accomplishments at such a young age, shed light to a child's inherent talent, intellect and precocity."

James Flores was the child astronomer although he veered away from that branch of Science when he took up clinical psychology. From his fascination with the stars and galaxies, he now try to bring out each child's brilliance through outreach programs in music for children.

At a young age, Shaira Luna was the Philippines' version of Doogie Howser. But instead of entering medical school, she became one of the country's most sought after photographers of her generation. Her mastery of the human anatomy also serve as her guide when it comes to taking beautiful photographs which is not just a profession, but a passion.

Kiko Galura was a young poet back then. But now, he transformed himself into a publisher. He is a born storyteller who now provides an opportunity for other storytellers to be heard.

This year, Promil Pre-School is launching their  Gifted Movement campaign. It aims to support and celebrate giftedness in the country. The brand aims to spark interest and gain the commitment of moms and consumers to take an active role in advocating giftedness and nurturing it.

"Promil Pre-School, as a catalyst for the Gifted Movement campaign, puts focus on discovering and bringing out the inherent talent of today's youth, by way of providing the proper nutrition, and proper care," says Dian Yu, Product Manager of Promil Pre-School. "Combined with support of parents to continuously encourage kids to find their passion and make learning enjoyable, there's no end to what this new generation can accomplish."


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