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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Essilor Promotes Campaign For Healthy Vision

Essilor, the world leading brand for corrective lenses recently introduced Piolo Pascial as its ambassador. "From design to manufacture, Essilor develops a wide range of lenses to protect and correct eyesight. Its mission is to enable everyone in the world to see well using lenses tailored to their needs."

"Seeing the World Better" campaign is the brand's way of helping the world see better by raising awareness about the importance of healthy vision and address the alarming number of visual impairment cases in the country. It is also thru this campaign that the brand aims to educate Filipinos to take more care of their eyes as it is an important part of a person's well-being.

Aside from being an actor, Essilor's new brand ambassador is also a health buff and a sportsman. He strongly believes that prevention is the first step towards healthy vision. "Good eye health is a serious matter because it is essential to performing practically all our daily tasks. Without good vision, we can only do so much and this limitation can stand in the way of achieving our goals."

The campaign has three important message: 1. Prevention- Essilor lenses help prevent age-related eye diseases 2. Protection- It also helps provide everyday protection from ultra-violet (UV) rays and harmful blue light 3. Correction- promote the initial purpose of Essilor which is to help correct eyesight.

Essilor has been around since 1972 and is a worldwide leader in developing and manufacturing ophthalmic lenses, lens coatings and dispensary technologies.


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