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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Mondelez Philippines Teams Up With World Vision

To encourage more children to go out, be active, play for joy and learn lifelong skills, Mondelez Philippines and World Vision teamed up for their "One Goal" program.

The partnership between Mondelez Philippines and World Vision began in 2013 when they first teamed up for the "Eats for Joy" program. Through the "Eats for Joy," Filipinos got to enjoy treats from Mondelez Philippines such as Eden Cheese, Tang, Oreo, and Toblerone. But not only that, by patronizing these products, part of the sales were donated to World Vision and many children benefited from it.

"Getting kids to be active through play and promoting nutrition are our missions as a food company," shares Maria Cindy Lim, Head of Corporate and Government Affairs of Mondelez Philippines. "We have been working towards these goals since 2011 through our Joy Schools program. We have adopted six public elementary schools nationwide and have provided assistance to students through a feeding program, nutrition education, teacher training, facilities improvement and access to play and sports equipment."

Aside from providing values and nutrition learning through the One Goal program, there will also be a skills enhancement through soccer and volleyball coaching sessions and a summer camp for the children of World Vision.


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