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Thursday, July 25, 2013

The Whale Call Project

Last July 23, The Whale Call Project which was spearheaded by Mr. Gil de Palma, was formally launched at the Mango Tree Cafe in Taguig City. Following the launch was a covenant signing by the Whale Call Project Ambassadors which includes Dr. Lem Aragones, a marine biologist, and Ms. Stephany Stefanowitz, Miss Earth- Air 2012.

Now what is the Whale Project All About?

The Whale Call Project is founded by Gil de Palma, Cause Leader of Stop Dolphin and Whale Slaughtering. It is a global movement calling for the symbolic social sounding of whale songs to promote marine conservation. It epitomizes a cry for help by one of the Earth's oldest and most intelligent creatures harshly affected by ocean degradation on behalf of all the species, including humans, which depend on the marine ecosystem for survival. 

De Palma partnered with Bazinga, a digital company that designs, operates and markets digital entertainment content using the latest technology. 

The Whale Call Project is a cause created by Filipino techgenuity. Our objective is to support an advocacy and champion this with the latest technology. And we have found that cause with the Whale Call Project," says Mei Marasigan- Brantzeg, Bazinga's Asst. VP for Global Cause Marketing. 

"On a bigger scale, we want to incorporate the power of technology in making the world a better place to live in, the Filipino-way," Marasigan-Brantzeg declares with pride. 

The covenant signing wherein the Whale Call Project Ambassadors sign in their names and pledges to help preserve and protect marine life.

Let the power of music help save the whales. Help save marine life by downloading the Whale Call App. Visit the link --- to get your whale songs now.

Through the Whale Call Project's Free Whale Call App, an album of "whale call songs" composed of whale calls and human vocals can be downloaded for $0.99 as a donation drive. Each downloaded song at $0.99 will help to build and crowd-fun the first mobile activism app, where everyone with Smart Phones in the world will be empowered to take action in marine life protection, called the Global Ocean App. It will be designed to make every citizen equipped to aid the protection of marine, where everyone will be empowered to take real-time action through marine watch, anti-pollution, public research and abuse report functions in a global scale. 

The Whale Call Project FB Page.


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