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Saturday, December 3, 2022

Joshua Garcia celebrates Christmas Magic as the new face of GCash for the holidays

There are still several days until Christmas, yet the season is already very much alive everywhere in the country. While the last few years may have been a little less jolly, GCash, the country’s leading e-wallet app, is bringing back the magic to the holidays with a little help from Philippine entertainment’s new 
leading man. 
 Joshua Garcia has been heating up televisions across the country with his starring role as Brian Robles 
in “Mars Ravelo’s Darna” and an upcoming landmark deal for Dreamscape production’s “Unbreak My Heart”.  Adding to his already impressive list of milestones is his new role as the face of GCash to 
celebrate a Merry G Christmas and uphold what truly warms his heart – traditions with his family and 
“The family tradition I look forward to every Christmas is our family reunion wherein my family spends Christmas together,” he said. “We take advantage of the time we can have our bonding during this 
season when we are not too busy with work with some games and a simple feast for the whole family.” 
Christmas Magic Lives On 
Just like many Filipinos, Christmas for Joshua becomes truly magical when spent with the right people. 
“My most magical Christmas experience was when I was living in the province and I went caroling in our neighborhood with my friends. Afterwards, we attended the Simbang Gabi with our family. I’m really glad that I got to experience Christmas that way,” he said.  
Of course, part of any Christmas celebration is hunting for the perfect gifts for your loved ones. But 
despite his high-profile stature, Joshua stays humble and opts for meaningful gifts and thoughtful 
“To find the most meaningful Christmas gifts for my loved ones, I always think about what they really 
need at that time so the gifts are useful and that, through those gifts, they will also remember me s
omehow,” Joshua said. “I don’t really give very expensive gifts. As long as they make them happy, then I am, too.” 
Gift-giving, the Joshua way 
With the long list of celebrations lined up for Joshua this Christmas, looking for these useful items will be a big task. His secret? He does his shopping with GCash. 
According to the actor: “One of my favorite GCash services is GLife because there are lots of merchants to choose from. It is a one-stop shop for a quick purchase of my favorite products and services. It is 
very timely since Christmas season is almost here, I can definitely use it for my Christmas shopping to 
buy gifts for my loved ones.” 
Thanks to GCash, Christmas shopping can be a magical experience in itself, especially when you get 
cashbacks and discounts from the GCash Online Bazaar from Nov. 28 to January 5, 2023. You can 
conveniently pay through your GCash wallet, pay later through GCredit, or pay in installment with 
Though many Filipinos will celebrate with their families this year, there are still some who wouldn’t be able to enjoy family reunions like Joshua and might spend time apart during the holidays. Despite the 
distance, GCash makes sure that everyone can send Christmas cheer wherever your loved ones may be. 
You can send pamasko to anyone anywhere through Send Money for other GCash users, Bank 
Transfer or GCash Padala for non-GCash users, or Send with a Clip to attach a special message to 
your Aguinaldo. If actual presents are your thing, you can also shop online with GLife and pay for your gifts on GCash. 
And because GCash wants everyone’s Christmas to be truly magical, every gift given through GCash 
becomes a gift for yourself, too. 
For every PHP 100 spent using GCash services or when using GLoan, GGives, and GCredit, users can 
earn parols and enter the Merry GCash raffle. Raffle draws will be done on December 5 and December 19 where GCash will be giving away five iPhone 14 phones, five Macbook Air M1 laptops and five 
Sony PS5 Playstations. Sixty-five lucky winners will also take home P10,000 worth of e-fuel cards from Petron, P10,000 worth of Mercury Drugstore gift certificates, P20,000 worth of IKEA gift cards and 
P30,000 worth of SM Appliances gift cards. 
With so many ways to hunt and shop for gifts, Joshua leaves his fans with just one piece of advice: “To be honest, I think for me what’s more important is that every time I give my loved ones gifts, they are 
pleased with what they received, whether they may be simple or otherwise.” 
 Whether you opt for grand gifts or small tokens, make every spend count when you use your GCash for every transaction. No GCash yet? Download the GCash App on the Apple App Store, Google Play 
Store, or Huawei App Gallery! Register and get verified today, and discover how you can have a Merry GCash celebration! 


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