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Thursday, December 1, 2022

BPI AIA's PamilyaProtect is Now Available Via Messenger App

Most Filipinos are quite skeptical when it comes to insurance, or another reason is that there's this notion that insurance is expensive. 

Insurance firm BPI AIA (formerly BPI-Philam) has introduced 'Pamilya Protect,' a life insurance designed for everyone in mind. Available via FB Messenger, PamilyaProtect is a health, life, and accident insurance plan tolled into one to give the whole family the peace of mind they need right now. 

"We have always pushed to offer protection products that were inclusive, allowing people from all walks of life to be able to get it quickly and affordably. More and more people need this protection daily. As our mission states- we make sure that insurance is easy to get and easy to have for every Filipino, no matter what class they belong to. With PamilyaProtect, that has become reality. Now, insurance is for everyone," said Surendra Menon, CEO of BPI AIA. 

For less than P500 per month, a policyholder can already insure themselves for as much as P2M, with a Hospital Income Benefit for the main insured at P1,000 per day of confinement due to sickness or accident and Accidental Death, Dismemberment, and Disable Benefit. The coverage can also be extended to loved ones, including parents, a spouse or partner, children, or siblings, making it perfect for singles, couples, single parents, and even overseas Filipinos. 

"You don't need to spend a large amount to show your family that you love them. No matter who you are in life, there are myriad expressions of love and one of them is to secure your family's future and provide them the most basic protection and medical needs, so that you are all prepared for whatever happens. At BPI AIA, we continuously evolve to empower our customers and give them the confidence to pursue their dreams and ambitions, all while enjoying the present with their loved ones," said Menon. 

PamilyaProtect is for all BPI credit and debit cardholders- they can be insured in less than 10 minutes by simply using their credit card or EMV-enabled debit card. 

PamilyaProtect comes in two variants- Plan P1M and Plan P2M- that customers can choose from based on their budget and protection needs. To be eligible, the principal insured must be a BPI customer and is 18-64 years old. Meanwhile, eligible adult dependents are 18-64 years old and minor dependents are 14 days to 21 years old. The plan automatically renews annually. 

The launch of PamilyaProtect allows BPI AIA to provide customers an opportunity to secure themselves and their families in a manner and channel that is familiar to Filipinos from all walks of life. This enables them to start their financial wellness journey at an affordable price and live worry-free towards healthier, longer, and better lives. 



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