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Tuesday, July 26, 2022

Sekaya: A Plant-based Lifestyle

Filipinos have been more careful about their lifestyle choices now especially when it comes to health. If there's something positive that was brought about by the pandemic, then it is the consciousness about prioritizing health and a healthy lifestyle. 

Sekaya, the Filipino plant-based brand under Synnovate, the naturals division of UNILAbB, has been one of the firsts to acknowledge and address this lifestyle shift, as it aims to educate, offer products that fuses tradition and science, and support and give back to nature. 

Knowing more leads to smarter, safer choices. The growing awareness on the benefits of a plant-based lifestyle has also driven a proliferation of products that claim to support this. Not everything labeled natural are developed in tandem with the discipline of science though, resulting in sub-standard products that may be ineffective, or worse, harmful to consumers. When it comes to its offerings, Sekaya is guided by its Prescribing Nature philosophy. The brand believes that Filipinos deserve nothing less than high quality natural products that comply with pharmaceutical standards to ensure their efficasy, safety, and purity. 

As an emerging natural products leader, Sekaya has not only been providing best-in-class solutions, but it has also become a top resource in this category. The brand has been sharing its expertise by hosting virtual conferences, and publishing articles and social media posts that help Filipino sustain and enrich their plant-based lifestyle. 

The brand's roster of natural, high-quality plant-based products is created to fit easily and seamlessly into our everyday routines. Sekaya Botanic Infusion is a line of botanical blends in teabag and loose-leaf formats that help with certain concerns like boosting immunity and getting better sleep naturally with ingredients that are certified organic by the United States Department of Agriculture. 

Sekaya Organic Moringa is the only 100% locally sourced 500mg moringa supplement in the Philippines certified organic by the EU. There's also Sekaya Raw Actives, a curated line of nutrient-dense, ready-to-mix superfood powders that can support our daily nutrition requirements and fitness goals. Simply mis it in water or any favorite drink, or use as alternative ingredients for savory dishes. 

The brand has also proven that our homegrown humble malunggay can be globally competitive with Sekaya Organic Moringa. Sekaya sources 100% of its moringa from local farms under the Moringaling Philippines Foundation, an organization involved in the development, research, and product standardization of moringa. These local moringa farms have been certified organic by the EU, having fulfilled strict conditions and passed international standards. Working with the foundation and farmers not only allow Sekaya to assure consumers of the quality and safety of its product- being the only 500mg EU-certified organic moringa supplement in the market- but also highlight the capability of our very own moringa farmers. 

Sekaya is also dedicated to finding ways to present its products in eco-friendly and sustainable materials. For instance, the Sekaya Botanic Infusion teabags are made of plant-derived materials that are biodegradable. Since they're plant-derived and biodegradable unlike other packaging, the teabags can be thrown into a compost pit along with other food waste, which means they won't add to the growing plastic waste problem. These plant-based materials are also non-toxic, which is especially important as some teas and botanical infusions are placed inside bags that may leach chemicals and microplastics into the drink. 

As a major part of the brand's nature conservation advocacy, Sekaya has partnered with the Cordillera Conservation Trust. For the last two years, the brand has been donating endemic tree seedlings to the organization, which is made possible by everyone who has purchased the Prescribing Nature gift packs. With Sekaya committing to match the number of gift packs sold, it is able to secure 8,336 Philippine endemic tree seedlings for the region. 

Earlier this year, the Filipino plant-based brand also worked with the Waves For Water Philippines, an organization that provides aid and clean water solutions to communities in need. Sekaya took part in the fundraiser Race 4 Water, which was a month-long virtual ride and run experience to raise awareness on clean water access inequality while providing Sekaya Raw Actives Pea Protein and Powerbeet to improve performance of the race participant. All 311 participant have logged a total of 30,187km, pledging and equivalent of 30,187L of water. As of April 29, 25200L have already been made accessible in La Union, Dinagat Islands, and Iloilo. 

Sekaya understands that harnessing nature's life nurturing gifts should also mean protecting and preserving it for the future. By offering plant-based products that also give back to nature, the brand hopes to nourish Filipinos and encourage them to take the necessary steps to help the planet. 


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