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Tuesday, July 26, 2022

L'Iguana Commuter Arrives at Banwa Private Island

Banwa Private Island, a gem surrounded by the crystalline Sulu Sea, abundant marine life and coral reefs is definitely a nice place for both adventure and soul-searching. 

Now, you can do more than that at Banwa Private Island as it has welcomed the arrival of world-class Iguana Commuter. This is the most exclusive in the range of yatchts from Iguana, and the first of its kind in Asia. This amphibious boat is your perfect ride to discover idyllic spots and enjoy local activities. 

There's really a lot to explore such as nearby islands or sandbanks, there's also access to mangrove forest near Barbacan River, or better yet, head to Araceli Island, a popular site known for manta rays sightings. Also, UNESCO World Heritage Site Tubbataha Reef Natural park is nearby. 

Banwa Private Island choose the Iguana Commuter boat for its diversity and go-anywhere capabilities, and low ecological impact. The environmental footprint of the adventure watercraft is lower than a typical boat, with minimal requisites in logistics, materials and infrastructure. Iguana Commuters are highly respectful to the coast, the sea and the beach by being versatile and stealthy, limiting water, air, noise and visual pollution. With its durable hi-tech build, the amphibious Iguana Commuter offers a safe, exhilarating ride experience for guests of Banwa Private Island. 

For reservation inquiries, you may contact: 

Mobile/WhatsApp +639178882864 


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