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Tuesday, October 5, 2021

Beeinfotech PH Bullish on Data Center Growth in the Country

Data center services provider Beeinfotech PH (Bee Information Technology PH Inc.) is confident that the Philippine data center market is ready to cater to the needs of global hyperscale companies. This is due to a variety of factors, including the growth of enterprise cloud and data center adoption in the country, rising Internet use, and the recent improvements in the nation's Information and Communications Technology (ICT) capabilities. 

Forecasts have revealed that developments in the Asia Pacific make the region a prime destination for hyperscalers. Based on the forecast, the Philippines is expected to boom in data center growth, with an average increase of 24% in data center supply within the next three to five years. This was highlighted by the DTI in a recent online event announcing the arrival of hyperscale companies in the country. 

"These projections show how the country's ICT abilities have vastly improved throughout the years. It's a testament that the Philippines is ready to take on a pivotal role in ensuring that the online services people around the world use daily and enjoy keep running through hosting the infrastructure of hyperscale companies within our shoes," said Reynaldo Huergas, Beeinfotech PH President and CEO.

Hyperscale refers to the expansion of significant resources in a data center to quickly adapt to customer demand. The companies that have this ability are mostly IT enterprises that deal with a lot of real-time data through their online services, such as Google, Microsoft, and Amazon. 

Beeinfotech PH on a multi-million peso "The HIVE" facility that was launched in August, that has a 3,000-plus rack space well-suited for scaling resources quickly.

"It will take companies years to build their data center, not just because of the construction itself, but due to several hurdles such as the paperwork and permits that need to be complied with first. By colocating resources to a local data center partner, hyperscale companies can deploy immediately to answer customer demand at once," added Huergas. 

Philippines as the next premier data center hub for hyperscalers
Beeinfotech PH notes that several hyperscale companies have been eyeing the Philippines for a while 
now. The country’s positive connections with the East and West make it a gateway for both to expand tothe fast-rising APAC market, while allowing companies within the region to make their mark on the restof the world. Beeinfotech PH also cites that the surrounding data center hubs in other ASEAN countrieshave become too congested to support the critical compute zones needed by hyperscale companies.

The rising number of undersea cables strengthening the country’s connectivity is also attracting global 
companies. Currently, there are 10 international submarine cable systems providing connectivity to the Philippines, and by 2024, there will be five more trans-pacific subsea cables connecting the nation to therest of the world.

Beeinfotech PH also contends that the high-ranking Internet use of Filipinos makes expansion into the 
Philippines as lucrative as ever due to the possibility of tapping a digital-savvy market of nearly a 
hundred million online users.

“The high Internet usage of Filipinos translates to a profitable market for hyperscalers. But to reach them first, hyperscalers have to bring their resources closer by either expanding or colocating. The closer 
their presence is, the faster the delivery of their content will be, thus enabling them to attract and retain a significant audience,” said Maricar Nepomuceno, Beeinfotech PH Senior Vice President, Strategic 
Planning & Business Development.

The rising data center market in the Philippines is another reason for hyperscalers to show up. Beeinfotech PH is among the few data center service providers in the Philippines with the facilities to host 
hyperscale companies. In addition to extending truly telco-neutral and bespoke colocation services, its 
The HIVE facility offers an open canvas within its premises to meet all stringent requirements and 
allow hyperscale companies more freedom in their colocation methods.

For more information on Beeinfotech’s hyperscale-ready services, visit


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