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Thursday, April 8, 2021

TNC Predator, GPS Ghibli, DWG-KIA, and 496 Gaming at the Day 2 of the Asia-Pacific Predator League 2020/21

The second day of the much-awaited Asia-Pacific Predator League 2020/21 Grand Final was highlighted by the performances from GPS Ghibli, DWG-KIA, TNC Predator, and 496 Gaming.

DWG-KIA from Korean, maintained their dominance from Day 1 when they bounced back from a 9th place finish in round five and an 8th place finish in round seven by securing two second place finished in rounds six ad eight.

GPS Ghibli, an up-and-coming team from South Korea, usurped them through a dominant eight round display. They consistently made the top five in all rounds, punctuated by a chicken dinner victory in round eight.

Defending league champions, Afreeca Freecs couldn't carry on their momentum from their impressive day one performance as they finished at the fifth seed. After a chicken dinner victory in round five, they suffered from abysmal performances in rounds seven and eight. Danawa Esports, another team from South Korea, have overtaken them through their two chicken dinner victories.

For the PL 2020/21 Dota 2 APAC event, TNC Predator, a team from the Philippines, dominated PSTR from Taiwan. PSTR denied most of TNC's signature heroes but TNC delivered a flawless laning phase to the point where PSTR couldn't recover. They even strayed away from the traditional lineup by deploying Elder Titan as a carry hero. TNC ravaged their way with 57 kills as compared to their rival's nine kills. 

496 Gaming from Vietnam breezed their way past Team Mystery, a team from Malaysia. Similar to their previous match against Reckoning Esports, 496 Gaming secured the entire early laning phase, though they succumbed to the crowd control abilities from Team Mystery in the early to mid-game.

The rest of the matched saw Galaxy Racers from Malaysia win over their fellow representatives Team Star. Reckoning Esports, a team from the Philippines, prevail over Team SOOS from Singapore. Both Team SOOS and Team Star bowed out of the tournament.


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