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Friday, March 12, 2021

Discover the Winners of TikTok Trendsetter Awards 2020

TikTok has broken boundaries when it comes to inspiring creativity to almost every one. Not only that, it also brings joy and laughter especially last year when it has become a welcome distraction. But TikTok goes beyond funny and entertaining videos as it also encourages positivity and introduce its users to advocacies. 

The TikTok Trendsetter Awards has since received an overwhelming positive response, including 118 high-calibre entries from industry practitioners across Southeast Asia. After months of meticulous review and consideration by the esteemed competition judges, TikTok is proud to announce the winners of the TikTok Trendsetter Awards 2020.

Existing Campaigns Category

Lazada Group - Lazada 11.11 Campaign

The Lazada Group was the first e-commerce player in Southeast Asia to participate in a Gamified HTC for their 1111 campaign. They also participated in TikTok's marketing team project, TikTokTreats and featured the Gamified HTC as one of the key tasks for the community to earn points in order to redeem Lazada vouchers.

OCBC Bank Indonesia - OCBC #Save20s Challenge

Through its #Save20 Hashtag Challenge, OCBC NISP Bank successfully challenged the Indonesian youth to save 20K Rupiahs daily. The bank found a Branded Hashtag Challenge to be the right solution to achieve their goal of communicating one very clear message- Save and you will reap the benefits. The challenge also ensured that this message resonates, resulting in a higher brand recall.

With the help of Branded Effects, OCBC NISP Bank gave participants a sneak peek of the positive results of saving 20K Rupiahs each day. By doing one of three hand gestures, the Branded Effect would pop up and display one of the three prospective outcomes: a trip to Paris, a business opportunity that lands them on a "30 under 30" list, or an opportunity to buy a big ticket item such as jewelry.

Mirinda Thailand - #สนุกซ่าไม่มีซ้ำ

Mirinda Thailand's Branded Hashtag Challenge, #สนุกซ่าไม่มีซ้ำ (#UniquelyFun in English), was centered around a fun gesture-activated Branded Effect accompanied by a catchy branded song. The Branded Effect featured bold, eye-catching visuals, bright colors and a hard-to-forget background track designed to catch the attention of both eyes and ears of viewers.

To make it even more fun, Mirinda encouraged participants to change their outfits to match or complement the colors of each soda flavor, and express themselves through dance. To keep things simple, the choreography itself could be improvised, allowing each user to interpret the challenge in their own way. The Branded Hashtag Challenge was also paired with TopView and In-Feed Ads to help notify communities throughout TikTok of the ongoing campaign.

Bayer Vietnam - #BeroccaMango2PM HTC Campaign

Berocca® Performance launched the #BeroccaMango2PM Hashtag Challenge on TikTok, inviting participants to join the #BeroccaMango2PM dance set to hip and catchy music. A Branded Hashtag Challenge is fun and exciting, similar to the jolt of energy you feel from an energy booster, making it perfect for this campaign.

At around 2PM, when people start to experience the afternoon slump, is the time when an extra hit of energy is most needed. Fittingly, Berocca® wanted to tie this hour to its Berocca® Performance Mango drink so that when 2PM rolls around and the inevitable fatigue sets in, the first energy supplement that comes to mind is Berocca® Performance.

Agency Category

Havas Immerse created a funny skit, Road to Victory, to present a typical scenario faced by a player who is experiencing poor network connection during a game, Using their creative, Havas Immersive was able to frame the issue of spotty Internet connections and lag through the lens of gaming. They also showcased the power of 5G by allowing the player to win the prize at the end of the game. By switching to 5G, the player's road to victory displayed a tremendous change of speed and smoothness, showing how seamless gaming is made possible with 5G. Famous TikTok songs and effects were used to enhance this message in the video.

Creative Juice Bangkok - รวยไม่พึ่งโชค

Using a popular Thai song, Creative Juice Bangkok showed how people should not leave their financial security to luck or destiny, and definitely not superstition. Their short skits, which incorporated popular TikTok filters, delivered the valuable message of taking control of your own life.

Red2 Digital - BẠN "ỔN" KHÔNG?

RED2 Digital showed how bad the internet can put a strain on a relationship by highlighting the frustrations of using the Internet when your partner has a seemingly smooth experience online. They personified 5G as a superhero who saves the day and ensures that the couple remains happy and content.

"A big congratulations to the winners of TikTok Trendsetter Awards 2020!" said Ng Chew Wee, TikTok Head of Business Marketing, Southeast Asia. "With this competition, we invited marketers to be experimental and explore the creative possibilities of TikTok to address today's real-world challenges. These winning entries have certainly addressed the briefs and provided innovative solutions to the challenges posed, including overcoming limited resources, standing out in a competitive market and connecting with today's younger audiences. We hope that brands, marketers and creative teams will continue to leverage the platform in their own unique ways even after the competition."

In addition to receiving the TikTok Trendsetter Awards, the winners will be given TikTok ad credits, and an incentive trip to Cannes Lions 2021, the international festival of creativity in Cannes, France.

As part of TikTok Trendsetter Awards, TikTok also organized two creative workshops online. The workshops were open to anyone interested in learning about TikTok, and over 1,200 attendees joined in virtually. Those who missed the sessions but would like to know more can watch helpful how-to video tutorials, and learn about top best practices on the TikTok Trendsetter Awards website, as part of the continued education process.

For more information on TikTok Trendsetter Awards 2020 and details of the winning entries, visit --- 

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