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Tuesday, March 24, 2020

XTREME LED Smart TV: 5 Features To Keep in Mind

The television (TV) has come a long way since it was invented almost a century ago. From the box-like black&white telly which was cased in a wooden cabinet, to the portable luggage-looking one, before evolving into colored TV, up to the thin LCD/LED/Plasma ones that is very much popular nowadays.

When buying a Smart TV, there are 5 features to keep in mind:

1. TV / Color Resolution
2. Audio Sound
3. Wifi connections, etc
4. Energy Efficient
5. Budget-friendly

1. TV / Color Resolution:
What a TV without a nice screen color resolution? Images on the screen should be vibrant, alive, or appetizing especially when watching cooking shows. Having dead pixels is also a no-no because it can disrupt the viewing experience. Also, if the color resolution is top-notch, the viewer will be mesmerized and won't be able to take his/her eyes off the screen when watching nice shows.

2. Audio Sound:
Having clear and perfect sound that you won't need to buy a set of external sound system. If you have a teenager in the house, you'd probably been introduced to a lot of concert series on YouTube. Imagine the pumping adrenalin as if you're in the concert itself, that's how the audio sound should be like.

3. Wifi Connection, HDMI, USB, Remote Control:
Connection ports such as HDMI and USB are features needed to sync laptops to the telly. Of course, wifi connection is definitely a must.

4. Energy Efficient:
The television is one of the most used appliances and for some homes, it can be used continuously for more than 16 hours a day. Compared to LCD or the big Plasma TV, LED TVs consume less power that averages from 50-70%.

5. Budget-friendly:
Nowadays, it is not practical anymore to buy top brand appliances that usually comes with high prices. There are many budget-friendly ones that fits every ones needs, and it doesn't mean that having low price makes it substandard in performance. Also, appliances tends to decline in value in just 2-3 years because there's always a new one being developed.

XTREME LED 49" Smart TV (MF-4900s)


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