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Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Suppressing the Extent of Covid-19 Through GCash Pay Bills

The first time I heard about Covid-19 was a week before the month of January ended. I was planning to buy masks in Tokyo as "pasalubong" because Taal Volcano was still under Alert Level 4 and every one was scared that it will erupt soon. However, I found out that the stores were limiting 5 packs per traveller because tourists are already on a mask panic-buying-spree. It was also that time that I've read about the cases in Wuhan, China.

The gravity of Covid-19 (it was known as Novel Corona Virus then) didn't really scare much Filipinos until after the month of February has ended and there are more than a handful of cases here in the country. Wuhan was already in lockdown that time as well as Italy.

Around March 12, the Philippine Government announced that Metro Manila will undergo a Community Quarantine that will begin on March 15. People were seen panic-buying in the groceries, and there was also a mass exodus (those who doesn't wish to be under the quarantine in Metro Manila) going to provinces.

This community quarantine has some serious effects since there's only specified establishments open. Also, with the alarming number of Covid-19 cases, most people are quite scared to go out. These then created problems especially when it comes to paying bills because only banks are open and social-distancing is strictly enforced, not to mention the curfew.

GCash is an online app that provides e-money (mobile money) that allows one to send or receive money, buy load, pay for online shopping, pay bills, etc. 

Using GCash to pay bills especially now that almost the whole Philippines is in quarantine is not only convenient but safe also since one need not to go out of their homes to visit pay bills. As per health authorities, Covid-19 is quite infectious and the virus can stay on surfaces for more than 12hrs so every one is advised to stay at home and follow social distancing. 

Here's a step-by-step guide on how to use GCash when paying bills:


*** It is very important not to share your PIN with anyone. 




Enter the necessary details like- Meralco Reference Number (use the QR scanner of app on the code found on your Meralco bill), amount. After paying your bill, you will receive notification of payment.

For Maynilad subscribers, it looks like this:

And as we are moving into the second half of Enhanced Community Quarantine (a.k.a. lockdown), it is really imperative for us to stay at home so that Covid-19 will be contained, and so as not to add more burden to our health frontliners. More and more countries are also experiencing a sudden surge in Covid-19 cases and have restricted movement also (a.k.a. lockdown). Doing online transaction is the new norm and this is where having a GCash app comes in handy.

You can download the GCash app from Play Store (for Android phones) and App Store (for iPhones):


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