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Thursday, April 23, 2020

Little Acts of Kindness in Time of Quarantine

We still have a long way to go before Covid-19 will totally eradicated not only in our country, but in most parts of the world as well. And during such times, the little acts of kindness never fails to elicit a smile especially as we are #OneAgainstCOVID19


As most of us are safe and confined in our homes, physical and mental health becomes a priority that even precede happiness. Social distancing and being quarantined at home can also make us worry about our love ones, family members, and friends who are far from us.

In line with this, there are helpful apps such as PayMaya, that makes our life easier when there's a need to share love and blessings to others. Here's how PayMaya can help spread love in time of Covid-19:

1. Send Money, Anytime, Anywhere
It is quite easy to transfer funds to any PayMaya account, Smart Padala agents, Palawan Express, or bank accounts via Instapay in the PayMaya app.

2. Help Pay The Bills
Some may not be as lucky as you are when it comes to having extra funds so extending a helping hand in paying bills for your love ones, relatives, or those friends who are stressed-out because they don't have the means to pay bills such as electricity or water bill. You and PayMaya can come to the rescue, just check the app's billers for - Meralco, Manila Water, Smart, etc. Easy to pay also, and in less than 5 minutes.

3. Surprise a love one or a friend by having food delivered to their doorstep
Food is always a sure way to make people happy, and happiness is communicable especially during time of quarantine. Did you know that you can use your PayMaya card to pay for food delivery services? You can send pizza to a friend, cake to your parents, or a burrito to a favorite cousin even without leaving the house or your bedroom.

4. Make a delivery person smile with a surprise treat
Spread love by making a delivery person happy. They may not be the first one you will think of when you hear the word- Frontliners, but they are part of that group if you really think about it. So maybe, the next time you order food, get something extra for your rider.

5. Send love to organizations that provide response and relief
There are millions way to help but since you're in quarantine, having a PayMaya app is very helpful especially if you have some extra funds. Choose an organization that provides food, protective equipment to frontliners or those affected by Covid-19 and donate via the PayMaya app. 

These little acts of kindness is actually inherent in us, Filipinos. This is Bayahihan Spirit, the digital way.


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