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Saturday, September 7, 2019

Shower Ranger Maine Mendoza #FightsWorldGermination With Hygienix

Let us help make the world a safe and clean place and stand beside Shower Ranger Maine Mendoza in her quest to fight world germination with Hygienix. Maine Mendoza once again dons her superhero cape and lead her group of Shower Rangers who represents the power of Hygienix products.

Powerful weapon choices to combat germination are: Hygienix Germicidal Soap, this is a refreshingly scented, moisturizing soap that helps protect users from bacteria. This soap is effective in eliminating 99.99% of germs and common disease-causing bacteria. Another sure weapon is the pocket-sized Hygienix Hand Spray and Hygienix Germkill Gel Sanitizer that not only fights germs and bacteria but it also keep the hands nourished and moisturized. There's also the Hygieniz Germkill Alcohol and Hygienix Germkill Alcohol with Moisturizer. These choices of germ-killing and bacteria-eliminating Hygienix products are all recommended by the Shower Rangers lead by their fearless leader, Maine Mendoza.

"Not today, germs!" said Maine.

Join Maine Mendoza and the Shower Rangers as they #FightsWorldGermination with Hygienix.


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