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Sunday, September 16, 2018

Omron Healthcare's "BPrecise" Campaign

Hypertension remains to be one of the top highly ignored disease not only in the country but in other parts of the world as well. It is also the leading preventable cause of premature deaths worldwide. In the Philippines alone, a research study conducted in 2013 shows that even if there are 75% of patients  who received treatments of hypertension, only 27% of them achieve adequate BP control.

The Philippine Society of Hypertension (PSH), an association with 2k+ health providers all over the country has recently teamed-up with Omron Healthcare to help advocate and spread the word about proper and guided hypertension treatment. "BPrecise" partnership is centered on the pursuit of accuracy in home blood pressure monitoring- a complementary tool to clinic BP measurements and ambulatory BP monitoring. It can help identify masked hypertension and improve treatment adherence by allowing patients with hypertension and their family members a more active role in the management of the disease.

Omron Healthcare has been providing health and medical care products for households and professionals for many years now. It boasts of creative technologies and equipment that serve as the perfect partner of medical care providers. Thru its devices, it has paved way for people to make conscious effort in taking necessary measures in preventing heart disease and strokes.

Omron Monitoring gadgets are the only clinically instruments that are as accurate and reliable measuresof blood pressure by the Philippine Society of Hypertension, serving as relevant guides in hypertension treatment.

The BPrecise partnership between Omron Healthcare and the Philippine Society of Hypertension aims to achieve "Zero Events," that is reducing the incidence of life-threatening diseases such as strokes and heart attacks to zero. This is full aligned with PHS and Omron Healthcare's mission to considerably improve hypertension outcomes all over the world.

Omron products are available in leading medical supply stores nationwide.


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