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Sunday, June 10, 2018


I wouldn't say that I regretted using the ASUS Zenfone 5Q as my primary camera phone during our latest trip to Kuala Lumpur and Siem Reap. In fact, I enjoyed using it very much that I totally forgot to use my other phone.

What I really liked about it is that it features a wide-angle shot that can be used in both rear and front cameras. I was able to put this feature to good use when we sought out Petronas Towers. 

This is also true in capturing ourselves and the towers in one clear shot, thanks to the wide-angle feature of the phone camera. 

It also has a good video resolution and on top of that, it automatically makes use of the wide-angle feature so you wouldn't have to worry about missing anything in the frames. On top of that, it has a good sound recorder. Background noises were inevitable during tuktuk rides in Siem Reap but the voices appeared clear as we viewed the videos. Thanks to that I was able to easily compile some of them for a vlog preview. Here's a preview --- Cambodia Preview

Now let's talk about battery life which I actually liked. We actually prepared fully charged power banks but found no need for them when I accidentally left them in the room and the battery life capacity was tested. Even as I used it the whole day in high brightness taking videos and pictures,  I was left with about 30% at the end of the day. That's like more than 6 hours of continuous phone camera use. 

Another feature that I liked (and my mom liked also) is the Portrait Mode which makes the background blurry and gives off a bokeh effect. The "portrait" captured thus becomes vibrant and the background (especially the forest and temples of Siem Reap) bokeh effect makes the total picture seem ethereal. 

One thing I didn't like, however, is that while outdoors on a sunny day, the phone easily gets hot. Although based on experience, a minute cooldown (just turn it off) usually does the trick to get it back to normal. 

You can read here about what my mom though about -- ZenFone 5Q

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*** Words and photos by Isabel Santiago


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