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Saturday, June 9, 2018

Green Buildings Are The Future

The Green Revolution has become a way of life for almost every one. People all over the world have become conscious of environmental concerns and that pushes them to make efforts in doing something to help the planet.

In the Philippines alone, Filipinos are now more into recycling, buying organic food, and try to cut down on electricity, or just simply lessen their carbon footprints. These principles also apply to buildings and the materials used for constructed nowadays are developed with "green" concept in mind. These are building materials that doesn't have harmful chemicals and are environmental-friendly.

When building a home, always keep in mind that it should be eco-friendly. Sharing five reasons why:
  1. Green materials minimize your carbon footprint

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Using traditionally sourced materials like steel, concrete, and virgin lumber require lots of fuel and resources to make and produce. Green materials are produced more efficiently as it requires less natural resources, produced locally with less waste over time. Being selective of materials we use for our home would allow us to not just take care of the environment, but also for the future generations that’ll come after us.

  1. It may lessen your electricity bill

The Philippines endures environmental extremes at both ends of the spectrum with heat and rain experienced at particular times throughout the year. A well-constructed green home will assist in regulating the temperature and moisture in your home, which means possible lesser use of artificial cooling devices like air-conditioner and ventilation fans during hot months.  

  1. They’re a cost-effective investment

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Choosing alternatives like reclaimed lumber, galvanized iron, or even fiber cement boards save you energy and money over time because they degrade slowly.

  1. You can DIY to build green

It may seem like a daunting task but you can also make your home green-proof with your very own
DIY project. For once, you can opt to change your lights to LED lights since it also consume less electricity and last longer. It may cost more but you'll be surprised that it will last for about 2-3 years.
Aside from that, when buying furniture, get something that will last a long time like those made from solid wood, or better yet- opt to buy second hand pieces. Skip those that is made from plastic.

  1. Green building materials are intelligently made

Manufacturing eco-friendly materials for the home or office goes thru a rigorous process since it is
built with having safety concerns in mind as well as withstanding the elements and time.

There are only a handful of companies that totally support a green building and manufacture products that are eco-friendly. One such brand is HardieFlex. And to ensure that your house is green, only go for a trusted brand.


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