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Monday, November 20, 2017

Traveling To Hong Kong With GoBear

My daughter and I traveled to Hong Kong recently. It was a spur-of-the-moment trip, no plan whatsover. The trip simply happened. And we did enjoy it especially our walking tour in Wan Chai.

Although we have a list of places we wanted to visit, I love getting lost- hahaha. I mean, its more fun that way and you get to discover a lot of new and exciting stuff. Read about our Exploring Wan Chai District experience.

The trip was also an "adulting" moment for my unica hija. She did all the reservation, made a list of places she wants to visit, food to eat, even the ferry and bus schedule. Really, she's the perfect planner. That also includes packing lightly so we were able to do web check-in and skipped the longish lines at the airport. Not.the.immigration.line.though. :P

Anyways, there are so many things to consider also when going on a trip and that involves getting a travel insurance. On our end, we availed of GoBear's Travel Insurance Plan (Family Travel Insurance). This is cheaper than getting an individual travel insurance, and GoBear's Travel Insurance has a whole array of benefits should something untoward happen during the trip.

Travel Inconvenience Benefit. This covers lost baggage, flight cancellation, loss of travel documents, etc. This is very important for me because I remember being with someone whose bags was accidentally left behind while we were all rushing to our connecting flight. You can just imagine the worry, not to mention not having any clothes to wear. What more if the airlines lost your bags?

Emergency Travel Assistance. One really never know what will happen, right? Remember the news about a couple of years ago when the ferry going to Macau from Hong Kong capsized? Okay, we don't want that to happen.

Emergency Medical Assistance. This is kinda important especially if the person has food allergies and there's a language barrier. I've read an article once about a person who has peanut allergy and she traveled to Thailand. Think Pad Thai and other delicious Thai dishes with peanut or peanut oil. For some, the reaction may be a minor one like rashes, but in some cases, it can be deadly.

Personal Accident Benefit. Even if one is really too careful, accidents can strike anywhere, anytime.

Personal Liability Benefit. And it is really a must for travelers to get an insurance especially if you have a family or love one back home. Just to be on the safe side.

Getting a last minute travel insurance from GoBear was also worth it since it took off loads of worry away from my mind. To know more about GoBear and travel insurance, hop on to --- GoBear

Overall, my daughter and I had a very pleasant and enjoyable trip especially when our seats got upgraded! Yey!


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