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Thursday, June 8, 2017

My Zenfone 3 Zoom Journey

I have been using Zenfone 3 Zoom for the past few months now and it was a journey of discovery that eventually led to something that I will discuss later on. To give you a bird's-eye view, the Zenfone 3 Zoom is the enhanced version of Zenfone 2 Zoom, both in the looks and features department.

So here are the SPECS:

Processor:              64-bit Qualcomm Octa-Core Processor Snapdragon
OS:                        Android 6.0
Display:                 5.5 inch
Memory:               RAM 3GB / 4GB LPDDR3
Internal Storage:   32 GB / 64GB with micro SD up to 2 TB
Weight:                 155 g
Battery:                 3000 mAh
Camera:                8mp front / 16 mp rear
I/O Ports:              USB Type-C 2.0
SIM:                      Dual SIM 2G / 3G / 4G / Nano SIM

Price:                     SRP 24,000+

Most of my friends know that I am too lazy nowadays to lug around my gigantic DSLR ever since I discovered the joys of having a nice camera phone. Also, the newer models of these camera phones tend to outdo not only each other but their own phone models as well.

Majority of my photos are of food- I am The Kitchen Goddess, if you didn't know that already. ;) So anyway, I love taking photos of food and I have been doing that and documenting it on my food blog for a decade now. I've used numerous camera phones, P&S and my D3100 to take photos.

Let me now beguile you with the photos I took using Zenfone 3 Zoom

Sashimi. That photo was taken in a low light area in manual setting. I focused the lens and zoomed-in a bit to achieve that blurry background. Didn't do edits either. You be the judge.

Chocolates. This photo has a better lighting so you can really see how crisp and clear the subject matter is. OMG, I love dark chocolates. ;) So going back to the photo, this was taken using Automatic setting. I applied the Rule of Thirds here and concentrated on the yummiest looking pieces. What do you think?

Everlasting. Here's an attempt to take a photo of a different subject matter than I am not really familiar with- flowers! This was taken using manual setting, with lots of natural light. Zoomed-in of the flower itself, thus blurring the background and giving off that professional tone. However, the ISO didn't achieve the perfect color that I am aiming for. I think it came out over-exposed although I love how the Zenfone 3 Zoom's camera captures perfectly the shape, the lines, and the little details of the flowers.

Antique Car. One of the Zenfone Camera's features that I love using is the "miniature" setting. The natural light perfectly captured the antique car. Looking at this photo now made me realize that using the "miniature" setting indoors and outdoors gives different photo quality results. Those taken indoors are kinda yellowish while this one taken outdoors is very clear and sharp. (see more photos here: Ho Chi Minh Museum)

I also used with the Time-Lapse setting:  Anticipating Rain and Shadows.

Summing up my Zenfone 3 Zoom Journey, here are the phone's best points for me:

1. Camera. Need I say more?
2. Battery Life. It literally went with me on my journeys and the 3000 mAh battery life didn't make me think about bringing a powerbank nor worry about experiencing low battery on my photowalks.
3. 5.5 Display Screen. Perfect in taking photos since you can see your subject matter from all angles without squinting. This helps in reducing unwanted stuff or photo-bombers.
4. 155 g. Wow, it is so light you won't get tired of holding it.
5. Internal Memory. No need to worry about memory space if you want to take tons of photos. This is also true if you like downloading videos.

As for that part that needs improvement (maybe in the 4 series) ...

1. The phone tends to get hot when I used it outdoors for about an hour during my photowalk. The heat becomes unbearable that I have to turn it off.
2. The 5.5 Screen is not that perfect for people with small hands like me. I worry that it might slip from my hand not only because it is big but also because it has a smoother casing than the old Zenfone Zoom model.

Overall, I am giving Zenfone 3 Zoom 8/10 stars. Cheers!


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