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Friday, April 14, 2017

2nd Baguio Craft Fair

"We happen to be at the right place, and at the right time." Our trip to Baguio wasn't really planned, it just happened so we didn't make any prior plans on what to do during our stay in the City of Pines.

Actually, we were just hanging out at Hill Station when we were told that the Baguio Craft Fair is happening downstairs. Cool!

The Baguio Craft Fair is a gathering of local artists and craftsmen. Aside from selling items, there were also some craft workshops.

Here's what the Baguio Craft Fair looks like on its second day. Lots of stuff to buy!

These are some nice rings made from wires. Cost between P20-30 only. Daughter got me a rainbow-colored one that costs P20. :D

She bought several ZIG pens at this booth.

The craft workshop is at Hill Station's al freco area. Lots of guests braved the afternoon heat but then-- its in Baguio, so its cool- literally! ;)

Here's a photo of daughter with the "Mommy Jac" dollmaker @dolldalitadollmaker

You can check other photos by Viva Manilena here --- 2nd Baguio Craft Fair 


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