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Friday, December 23, 2016

Amazing BTS of Le Grand Cirque

Watching a circus during a performance and watching it during the behind-the-scene practice is really worlds apart. You'll hear friendly banters and lots of laughter during practice and of course, there's just a handful of people around. Each performance is given about an hour to practice and there's really a whole lot of them. The Chinese Acrobats just finished their practice when I arrived so I missed their practice but was able to watch these 'flipping' guys practice. And its really cool to watch up close. They were really amazing during practice so am looking forward to watch them while they perform for a live audience.

Afterwards, next one to practice are the 'fire' men. They have this batons and rods which will be lighted up during the actual performance.

Read more about Le Grand Cirque here.

Had fun chatting with the 'Strongmen' duo Stefan Liden and Kristofer Saly. The brothers are a fifth generation circus performers so it is safe to say that circus blood runs in their veins. They've been in the Philippines ahead of the other members and you might have seen them on different TV shows promoting Le Grand Cirque. Stefan has been with Le Grand Cirque for a long time and notes that some of his peers then are now part of the management team. Aside from being the Strongman of Le Grand Cirque, Stefan is also a 'foodie.' He was already eaten sisig, adobo, and balut! Yes, he said he enjoyed our balut which isn't really bad as compared to sorstromming, which is fermented herring, a delicacy in his native Sweden.

And of course, I can't help but clown around with Le Grand Cirque's Clown, Ross Steeves. He really doesn't want to say what he will do to make the audience laugh but expect the unexpected from this guy ... err clown. ;)

Ross knew from the beginning that he is meant to be in the entertainment business. He worked also as an actor and then joined other circus troupes before joining Le Grand Cirque about a decade ago. What he loves most about his job is that he gets to travel around the world- a lot, and get to meet a lot of people. He recounted that one of his memorable performances was at the Niagara Fallsview. It was so warm when they were performing but once they went outside, it was really freezing.

Le Grand Cirque performs in Manila from December 25 to January 3, 2017 at The Araneta Coliseum. Tickets are available at the Araneta Coliseum ticket booth or via

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