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Wednesday, February 10, 2016


My first impressions of ZenFone Zoom.

I have to say that this is such a classy phone and a head-turner.

I haven't used a point-and-shoot for ages and ZenFone Zoom greatly reminded me of it. Of course, added bonus is the mobile phone features and great specs.

Even the box looks classy! And it also has a leather back cover that really compliments well with its sleek design. I think James Bond would love this phone.

Here is what's included in the box: phone + charger + earphones + phone strap ( not in photo).

I love the phone strap because I feel secure using my phone in public. I mean, at 5.5 inch, this phone is quite big for my hand so there's the fear of dropping it or something. The phone strap is really a well-thought accessory. Thumbs up!

Here are some photo samples: Note how clear and crisp the photos are ...

More photos taken using ZenFone Zoom here: ZenFone shots

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