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Sunday, January 3, 2016

Music Is Essential For A Child's Brain Development

Music plays a big role in a child's brain development and there's really truth in exposing the child to music at an early age. There's also a growing belief that making your child listen to classical music can help them focus more on their studies and makes them smart.

According to Dr. Liz Inciong, a pediatrician, and Teacher Marah Estuesta of Kindermusik Internationale, the relationship of music and child development is vastly discussed by early childhood therapists and there are many who support that theory.

"Music plays an important role in the development of a child's various modes of intelligence, specifically for mental, physical and social aspects. Music helps them seek patterns in their environment, which allows them to easily recall words, phrases, even in foreign languages. They become more perceptive to sound and develop into astute listeners," says Dr. Inciong.

In line with this, the two experts has partnered with Progress Pre-School Gold to create the first ever playlists that is based on scientific research and practical applications.

For every 1.6kg can of Progress Pre-School Gold, you get free access to the exclusive M. I. Beats Playlist on Spotify Premium for an entire month. Simply purchase the specifically marked cans to get the unique code and visit Multiple Intelligence to register.


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