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Sunday, December 6, 2015

Nippon Paint's Trend Beyond Colours

Nippon Paint recently unveiled the nine colours featured in Trend Beyond Colours for 2016/17. These colours are grouped into three palettes and chosen by design and colour experts from the Asia Pacific Region- China, Hong Kong, India, Japan, Malaysia, Philippines, Taiwan, Thailand, and Singapore during the ChromaZone Colour Forcasting Workshop early this year.

The three palettes are- "We Are one," "New Eco," and "Wonder-Lust," and these colours imbibe the color trend for 2016/17. The colors also take inspiration from natural colors.

The Trend Beyond Colours captures the essence of beautiful landscape and technology. It helps the consumers to tap on their creativity with the mix-and-match of colours.

"We Are One" features modern colors reminding how new age technology and social media are constantly affecting our lives and keeping us connected wherever we are. The palette features Founder Blue and Green Tuft, accentuating people's connection in a world without boundaries where digital devices are an indispensable part of our life today.

"New Eco" on the other hand, celebrates the wonders and simplicity of Mother Earth. It takes its inspiration from nature. New Eco brings consumers back in touch with the environment from its quietly stylish but ultimately comforting colours. The palette reinterprets Asia's captivating nature, from the vintage soul of Asia to the serene oceans and mighty volcanoes personified by its three colors- Tavern Buff, Lush, and Volcanic Black.

The third palette, "Wonder-Lust" embodies today's YOLO or "You only live once" culture as it explores one's discovery for the perfect balance in life through our continual search for new interests, hobbies, experiences and adventures. For consumers that aren't afraid of some excitement in their life, this palette is equally big, bold and bright in colors. The lively colors featured are Being Peach, Fast Car and Blue Lullaby.

With these palettes, Nippon Paint gives its consumers the freedom to delve into their creativity by livening up the interior and exterior of their home or office space.

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