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Monday, July 6, 2015

SM Cares Facilitated Earthquake Preparedness for Senior Citizens and PWDs

With the recent earthquakes that we've been having in the country and around the globe, thinking about the next "big one" must have come across our minds. Some who also experienced the earthquake during the early 1990's can attest to the feelings of being scared after having a succession of tremors, especially those in the heavily affected regions like Baguio and Nueva Ecija. That being said, we haven't really been properly grilled about "preparedness," and this is really a big concern for the elderlys and PWDs.

Luckily, our government and private institutions have come hand in hand to address this concern by providing free safety tips for Senior Citizens and PWDs.

This is not meant to create panic nor instill fear but we are all aware that Metro Manila has a lot of fault lines and our country is also included in the earthquake-prone zone. Being prepared should an earthquake happen can mean lives saved.

For the elderlys and PWDs, having an ID that's with them all the time is really helpful. Aside from having contact numbers of their love ones, it should also indicate important medical details such as food or medicine allergies, or even illnesses like if the person is diabetic, has a weak heart, etc.

Here are some survival tips ---

During an earthquake: If you are indoors, stay low, cover your head and get under a table. If you are outdoors, stay low and go to an open space. Watch out for falling debris.

During a bad storm: If you're indoors, stay away from windows and doors. If  you are outdoors, stay away from trees and electric posts and areas which are prone to flooding.

During a fire: Get outside quickly and safely. When there is smoke, stay low where air is cooler and cleaner. Use the stairways, not the elevator. Don't go to the bathroom. Once outside, don't go back in.

During a tsunami: Get to higher grounds. Stay inside where you are protected from water. Shut down the power supply and stay away from windows and doors.

Some things you need to prepare in an emergency bag ---

Safe drinking water that's enough for at least three days.
Ready to eat food like biscuits, canned goods and sweets.
Extra clothes and toiletries.
Communication devices like mobile phones, powerbanks, flashlight, whistle.

This conference is in partnership with Philvocs and NDRRMC.


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