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Thursday, July 30, 2015

Lovin My Kata F2

I know that Kata F2 is classified as an entry-level smartphone but it has all the features that I need for my daily use (game, video, movie, music, ebook). I didn't realize that I am already "attached" to it since Day 1.

So I like the color - "pearly" white. I believe that white is a very classy color. Clean and no-fuss, don't-mess-with-me color. The color pairs well with any clothes, bag, shoes, even style. I mean, I can wear something casual in the morning or something dressy in the evening, and the phone won't feel out-of-place.

Size does matter. I have small hands and Kata F2's 4.5 inch display is just perfect. I can walk at ease while holding my phone because I can hold it firmly. Also, the 4.5 inch display is just the right screen size for watching a video, playing a game or reading an ebook.

Games. I got bored with the plants vs zombies game so I uninstalled it and downloaded Criminal Case. The graphics are really clear, and since it is running on quad core, the graphics loads fast when at play.

Video. I love using the 8mp camera to take videos when I go to events. The video is clear, and the sound is really good as compared to the other phone that I'm using. No kidding (sorry I won't mention the brand of my other phone).

Movie. I am still hooked on KDramas and sometimes, when I don't want to be disturbed (so that I can emote while watching), I use this phone. Thumbs up!

Music. No need for speakers because it has a clear sound. The volume works nicely so instead of using earphones, I can just adjust the level of sound.

Ebook. Yeah, I love books, who doesn't? I've already downloaded some books via Aldiko Reader. I love to read books before I sleep. I call Kata F2 my sleeping tablet- haha. Luckily, it doesn't weigh a ton so during those times when I fell asleep while reading, it didn't hurt much whenever the phone falls on my face. Yes, that sort of thing happens that's why I call it the "sleeping tablet."

Affordability vs Specs. It costs only P3,999 which is not really hard on the pocket but knowing how great the specs are, then


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