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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

PARENTING 101: Who's Itchy?

As far as I can remember, we've been patronizing this brand of "anti-itchy" cream because my daughter always seem to have a red insect bite on her arm or leg. Its not that she rolls on the floor or something but maybe because she just smells nice to be bitten.

Anyways, she happen to wake up in the middle of the night the other day and there were red marks on her arms and legs. She shares our bed so I don't really have any idea why she gets this bite marks on her when we don't. As usual, I gave her the "anti-itchy" cream which she generously spread on the red spots in her body.

Then early this morning, I remembered to ask her about her bite marks and if she was itchy again last night since I came home late. She happily told me that all the red marks are gone thanks to the Virgin Coconut Oil that her Dad gave her. Huh?!

Daughter said that its better than the cream and works fast too. No more red itchy spots. Wow. I'm amazed. All I know about VCO was that my hubby use it for his hair.

Luckily, I have a red itchy spot on my arm just now so I got to try the VCO. And it really worked fast- less than 5 minutes and the red and itchy spot is gone. No kidding.

Virgin Coconut Oil by Carica
I think this is quite easy to find since most malls have Carica stalls. And I'm pretty sure other VCO brand work wonders as well. This 100ml spray-bottle costs about P150.

I find this VCO amazing and I guess it is not harmful to the skin and the environment since it is a "natural" product compared to the "anti-itchy" cream that I used to buy in the drugstore. The cream also emits some "chemical" smell that may be harmful if inhaled frequently. I'm glad hubby discovered VCO for his hair and applied it by accident on his hand when an insect bit him in the garden. Two thumbs up!


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