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Monday, December 9, 2013

Not Just For Kids

The Rumble Yard is a super cool event not only for kids but for the whole family as well. DC Shoes, a skateboarding and action sports brand shoes teamed up with ResToeRun for an action filled weekend at Solenand 2 in Nuvali. The event gave the kids a firsthand experience of the DC urban lifestyle and to introduce cool kicks to them.

The first Rumble Yard was held last December 7-8 at Solenand 2- Nuvali, Laguna and has a sequel on February 1-2 in Trinoma, Quezon City. DC Brand Associate Edilyn Yu said, "We want to embody the fun, active and exciting lifestyle of the youth today and join them as well through Rumble Yard." She added that, "There's an energetic side in all of us, from parents down to the kids, and this is what we wish to relive through the fun-filled weekend."

"The idea of putting up an action-packed event came to us as we wanted kids to enjoy the same quality time they have with their parents as they enter ResToeRun and we wanted to bring them out of the store and into a playground made especially for them," shared Dale Camandang, ResToeRun's Marketing Officer.

Isabel covered the event for Manila Bulletin's Fun Page Section while I happily tag along being a stage-mom, hahaha. Just kidding. Actually, we really enjoy going places and we've been going on adventures every now and then.

Solenand 2's Activity Area was already filled with families when our group arrived. Upon registration, we were given this passport so that we may enjoy the fun in each booth. You will then be given a stamp on your passport after completing the games or activity in each booth around the area. Upon completion, you claim a prize. Yey!

There's the photo booth where almost everyone enjoyed posing in front of the camera and have a Nyjah Huston moment and be a professional skateboarding champ. Then there's the booth wherein you can show off your artistic talent by designing your own skateboard. This is fun! The guys at the Gyroboarding booth will help you balance and feel what its like to be on a skateboard. There's also the scooter circuit which was very popular with the small kids and the Xbox Xtreme which was favored by the big kids.

There's also the Range Buster wherein you get an instant prize if you happen to hit the DC Shoes target, and the Faber and Castell Booth with coloring pads for the kids.

But the fun didn't end there. There's also the program with tons of games for the kids, parents and parents/kids games. Almost everyone was really elated to bring home tons of prices but of course, what is more important is the memory that we create with our kids. It really warms my heart to see parents spending time with their children. As they say, money can't buy happiness and a child's smile is priceless.

So here's looking forward to The Rumble Yard on February 1-2, 2014 at The Trinoma Activity Center. Hope to see you there. :)

Watch out for Isabel's The Rumble Yard feature on Manila Bulletin's Fun Page. :)


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