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Sunday, December 8, 2013

Evoluzn ZN 7V & ZN 8P


1. Are you a Tablet PC user?
2. Are you lemming to buy one for your yourself sometime soon?
3. What are the features that you want to see in a tablet that will make you decide you want to buy it?
4. Design
5. Affordability or price range.

Each of us at home had a laptop each and uses Android phones so buying a tablet is the farthest thing away from our minds until ... I discovered the joys of reading eBooks.

For the longest time, I've been loyal to books while my hubby and Isabel alternate reading books and eBooks and they can't convince me to look at the other side of the fence. Then early this year, daughter and I watched Beautiful Creatures The Movie. I was amazed not by the movie but because daughter made comparison between the book and mentioned that there's a lot of scenes in the book that's not in the movie. Okay ... if I remember correctly, I don't see nor did I accompany my daughter to buy the book. To cut the long story short, she already read the book and the other books in the series as well. Wow!

So I got hooked and read her books via my phone. Luckily, my phone has a bigger screen than hers but I still want it bigger. And that convinced me to get a tablet BUT ... which one? I mean, there's been a lot of "tablets" in the market lately.

And aside from reading, I am also addicted to Koreanovelas so if ever I'm getting a tablet, it should have a nice video resolution as well. Having a camera is also okay but since we already have several cameras at home, its not really necessary. However, I've also been thinking that maybe I can just use the tablet when I write so having a camera (with nice resolution) is also a plus factor. I play games also so speed and memory must be considered also.

As for price- something less than 6K is okay with me because if it is more than 10K, I'd just buy a netbook by adding a few thousand pesos. I mean, I'm really "kuripot" that way and also because of the fact that practically comes to mind because we already have gadgets at home.

But the lure of having a tablet is hard to resist. So off to the mall we go (with daughter in tow) to compare prices, design, features. Then we zeroed in on a particular brand but the color I wanted was not available. I wanted a white one but the stocks available are black. Well, most tablet that are being sold in the market are black except for the high end ones which are white and really pricey.

So as of today, I am not still a proud owner of a tablet. Maybe I should just but Centrum tablet? Haha, just kidding.

Luckily, a friend invited me to the launch of a new "tablet" recently and I did enjoy myself at the event because it is not "too" techie. I mean, the way Mr. Surya V. Jonnalagadda, CEO of Evoluzn, introduced and explained about the features of ZN 7V & ZN 8P is easy to understand. Of course, there's still some terms that is hard for me to understand but I thank my seatmates for explaining it to me.

Below is ZN 8P. It boasts of having Quad Core A7 processor at 1.2GHz and runs on 4.2.2 Jelly Bean, a dual 3G sim with 5mp camera and 2mp front camera.

But what attracted the fly to the web was the casing ... hahaha. Okay, I know I'm weird but I prefer my gadgets to have a timeless appeal. The ZN 8P has an aluminum casing and has specifications comparable to most high end brand in the market.

Priced at P8,990, this tablet also has 3G video and voice calling features. And not only that, as part of their initial offering in the market, a special sporty neckband bluetooth headset will come in free with the first few lucky customers availing of ZN 8P. Right now, this tablet brand is already available in selected MemoXpress stores in Metro Manila.


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