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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Feminine Confidence

Just the other day, I received a gift pack of pH Care Feminine Wipes for product review. I must say that the timing was perfect because I have my "monthly visitor" that time and its really uncomfortable especially when I ran errands the whole day. 

Feeling clean and fresh is a must for me and this wipes helped a lot. Its like being able to "wash" the feminine area without water that's not really handy especially if you're in the mall, school, grocery, office. 

pH Care Feminine Wipes
Cool Wind

- Gently cleanses your intimate area
- Mildly scented to keep you feeling fresh and clean
- Safe to use everyday
- Convenient to use when you're on the go

And I've been thinking of sharing a pack or two with my 12 yr old daughter so that she can use it whenever she's in school. Teaching proper hygiene to my daughter is important to me also and this feminine wipes rocks! No kidding. I worry a lot that my daughter will get UTI from using the school CRs. I mean, the CRs can get really dirty during break time and the school doesn't have someone stationed to clean it every hour. So I've armed my daughter with alcohol, tissue paper, etc. Thus, being introduced to this feminine wipes is really a blessing because now I feel secure with the thought that her feminine hygiene will be taken cared of.

Thank you Unilab for the gift pack. Thumbs up! :)


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