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Sunday, June 20, 2021

Globe Studios Continue to Cater to Filipino's Evolving Needs

Globe Studios, Globe's entertainment production company, provides fresh content and innovated its platform to cater to the changing and growing needs of its consumers.  

Globe Studios Head Quark Henares shared that going along such direction allows the group greater flexibility in its content offerings, especially in this time of great uncertainty. "We had to pivot. We're primarily a movie studio, so our focus was films for theaters. Because they're closed for the foreseeable future we tried doing other things like a YouTube series (Gaya sa Pelikula) and podcasts (Ang Walang Kwentang Podcast, Endsalte)."

He noted that current audiences can be very fickle in their choices of online content. Thus, Globe Studios actively listens to what its customers want so that its content line-up is kept relevant to the markets it wishes to service. "We have a lot of interaction with the audience. We're very active in our social media and really make it a point to listen and even converse with our audience," added Henares. 

Globe Studios entered the entertainment production industry in 2016. Its portfolio includes films such as "LSS (Last Song Syndrome)", "Hintayan ng Langit," and the first Filipino Netflix film "Dead Kids."

"We put our ears to the ground. Like Gaya sa Pelikula, the genre BL is doing very well in Thailand and Filipinos seem to be watching it so we decided to do that," Henares explained.

Globe Studios is currently preparing for another YouTube series, a reality search. And while slowly planting itself on solid ground in the online space, Globe Studios continues to give room for more flexibility wherever consumer whims may lead-- satisfying their needs, one niche at a time.


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