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Saturday, November 14, 2020

Whiskas, Sheba &Temptations "Spread Paw-sitivity" on Shopee

The Spirit Christmas is a time for caring, giving, and sharing and for us paw-parents, this extend to our beloved "babies," a.k.a. pets. But really, for us paw-parents, our pets our not just pets but part of our family. Hence, they are also entitled to special treats (which happens most of the time) on occasions such as Christmas. 

The Pedigree Official Store in Shopee is extending "Spread Paw-sitivity" with discounts of up to 35% and PhP 1.00 Flash Sales on November 15, 2020. 10% of the sales will be given to the Animal Kingdom Foundation to cheer up the pets staying at the shelter while waiting for new paw-parents. Cat brands include: Whiskas, Temptations, Sheba, and Catsan. 

So let me introduce you to our baby- Yama. We adopted him when a friend's cat gave birth a couple of years back. Like most cats, he is asleep almost the whole day, then spends his waking moment eating, visiting the cat litter, playing and running around, and eventually taking a nap which leads to sleeping again. And when he goes out of the house, he plays (or rather growls at his furry friends) and then they will all enjoy having a nap together.

Mr. Yama Sleepyhead!

Mr. Yama raiding the fridge!

"Spread Paw-sitivity" on November 15, 2020 and get up to 35% off on items at The Pedigree Official Store on Shopee. Cat brands include: Whiskas, Temptations, Sheba, and Catsan. 10% of the sales will go to the Animal Kingdom Foundation, a shelter for stray/unwanted cats and dogs. 


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