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Thursday, December 5, 2019

Hallmark x 7-Eleven Makes This Christmas Memorable

Filipinos love Christmas and we all grew up receiving a Christmas card or two from Hallmark and of course, using that cutey Hallmark gift wrappers and tags. And because Hallmark wants only the best and memorable Christmas for every one, it has teamed-up with PhilSeven Foundation, the charity arm of 7-Eleven group through "Gulong ng Karunungan" project.

Gulong ng Karunungan is a mobile school project that aims to provide education to the less fortunate street children of select local cities in the Philippines. For more than several years now, this project has been instrumental in helping uplift the plight of under privilege youth through its learning programs, supplemental feeding and medical programs.

And through this Hallmark x 7-Eleven Christmas collaboration, every customer's purchase of Hallmark items such as gift wrappers, gift bags, gift tags and other Christmas items from 7-Eleven, a portion of the sales will be donated to support the Gulong ng Karunungan project. So the more you buy Hallmark items at 7-Eleven this Christmas, the more love you share to the recipients of Gulong ng Karunungan.


*Be involved and get your Hallmark products by visiting your neighboring 7-Eleven store.

Hallmark Christmas products are also available in all leading bookstores and select online shops.


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