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Thursday, August 16, 2018

Converge ICT is All-set To Go Nationwide

"Internet is LIFE"

Whoever said that is spot-on because almost every one is connected 24/7 and a big percentage of one's happiness is now based on how fast and reliable one's internet connectivity is.

Converge ICT Solutions Inc., in its effort to provide the best fiber internet, recently announced its efforts for a nationwide rollout so that more businesses and households can benefit from its pure fiber connectivity. This is in partnership with several local and foreign companies like: Korea Telecoms, LSI-Fibemet Konstruk Corporation, and TE Connectivity Subcom.

The new partners of Converge ICT Solutions are chosen for their expertise in the field of IT industry and thru their expertise, they will assist in building and deploying infrastructures that will provide pure end-to-end fiber internet connectivity nationwide.

"We have set our sights to bring the best internet connectivity by starting in Metro Manila and some key provinces in Luzon. By going nationwide, we can do more rollouts and more installations in other islands in the Philippines, helping more people connect with one another through our infrastructures," said Mr. Dennis Uy, Converge ICT Solutions Inc. President and CEO.

Converge ICT's main objective is to connect ordinary Filipino netizens with their loved ones across the globe; SMEs to reach their business potentials thru fast connectivity; and even boost the government's IT projects so that the country can position itself as a force especially in Asia.

According to Mr. Miles Tonn Chua, Chief Operating Officer of MetroWorks ICT Construction, Inc. (a subsidiary of Converge ICT) the total flow of investments is estimated at US$ 2 billion for the next 5 years. The rollout currently being executed has the potential to reach more than 13 million of the 22 million households nationwide, particularly the major islands situated in Visayas and Mindanao. Chua shared that the project is a 5-year plan, and the network backbones are targeted to be completed by 2021 but would be operational through different phases to enable the project to become complete prior to 2021.
The partnerships are slated to implement both Full Turn Key (FTK) and Semi-Turn Key (STK) approaches, according to Chua. FTK entails an end-to-end approach, which includes supply for imported materials and provides services up to acceptance. The STK approach, on the other hand, is where the Converge Group provides owner-supplied materials, an approach that is practical especially for demographics which include  National Capital Region. The partnership is currently both in ongoing implementation and final negotiation stages.
“With more projects to be completed, it will certainly contribute to the growth of Converge ICT, which is expected to be exponential,” adds Chua.
Chua also bared that they are looking to enter into more partnerships in the future to further improve its service offerings. “What the public is experiencing now as the best internet service, they can also expect that same kind in the next year or two.” the Converge COO shared.


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