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Saturday, July 21, 2018

5 Qs of Traveling with Zenfone 5Q

Words and Pictures by: Isabel Sofia

This summer has been a one big ride. I’ve seen many new sights, been to places I haven’t been and met new people along the way. Now that my summer is about to end, looking back (literally), is no big feat as the ASUS Zenfone 5Q came with me in every part of those trips.  And, I’ve realized 5 Questions from using Zenfone 5Q for over a month now.

Navy Pier, Chicago

Q1: Does it have a good camera?

Whether it was walking under the heat of Cambodia to see temples or cruising around New York City, it didn’t fail to capture the captivating sights. What I enjoyed most about the camera is its portrait mode. Although it could be pretty tricky using it under the sun, it certainly doesn’t fail to make your shot seem IG-worthy!

Pre Rup Temple in Siem Reap

Aside from its portrait mode, I enjoyed its smart auto-focus feature. Although it takes a few seconds for it to focus on something (unless you tap the screen), it gives you more time to take in the view, and, in turn capture even more photos. 

Sunset Cruise in Manhattan

But what sets it off from most smartphones nowadays is that it features a wide-angle mode on both rear and front cameras. It was perfect for squeezing everyone in for a groupfie or capturing the tallest skyscrapers or memorials.

Chicago Skyline

 Angkor Wat skyline at sunrise

ASUS Zenfone 5Q's wide angle feature can not only be used on landscape mode but also on portrait mode. What makes it nice and really convenient is that you don't have to bend down to the ground or move a hundred meters backward just to capture every detail. With just a tap on your screen, you could conveniently capture that perfect skyline shot and more.

Angkor Wat main temple

Air Force Memorial in Washington DC

Q2: How about its recording features?

Do you wanna see Nemo and Marlin? Spot something fishy about the video or check out this fireworks display along the Riverwalk in Chicago and you be the judge.

Q3: What can I say about the battery life?

Pre Rup Temple in Siem Reap

The battery life is really long- no joke. Funnily enough, I discovered this in Siem Reap on the day we were out the longest. Which also happened to be the day I left my powerbank in the hotel room. Imagine leaving the hotel room at 4:30 in the morning to see the sunrise in Angkor Wat, go on a temple hop, visit the Market Street at night and finally being back at the hotel around 8 in the evening with still 20% battery left. 

One tip though, if you’re out and about taking pictures under the sun- don’t put your screen brightness up high, it tends to heat up really quickly and in cases like those can leave you with a drained battery. 

Q4: Aside from the camera, what else is good about it?

The Bean at Millennium Park in Chicago

With a 6-inch screen, it is perfect for casual gaming or even a friendly MMORPG match, especially as it is paired with a 4GB RAM. So far, playing high graphics games like "Life is Strange" was a fun and lag-free experience.

Not only that though, it’s also nice for streaming movies and videos. You are in for a treat especially watching them in HD.

Q5: Would I recommend it on-the-go or for traveling?

Chinatown in NYC

Yes, I would recommend it both on-the-go and for traveling. Aside from its great specs, a feature I haven’t talked about is its multi-tasking window. Have you ever needed to research on something with only a phone in hand and you don’t want to write it down? Or even just wanting to scroll through Facebook while listening to YouTube if you’re not a Spotify user? Well, the multi-window brings an end to those problems with adjustable windows for the apps!

Aside from that, the convenient double-tap to wake screen featured on older models of ASUS phones is still found on this model. Or you could just open your phone using its fingerprint unlock, either way works well.

*** All photos taken using Asus Zenfone 5Q


  1. I like the wide angle mode. It’s perfect for capturing sceneries and moments during travel.

    1. Turns out nice 'no? I mean, the wide angle shot. No need to step back, and step back, and step back. ;)


  2. The photos do look amazing. Or maybe you're just a great photographer talaga. I can't believe some of those photos were by a phone cam. But yes, my number one requirement is if the phone has a good camera.

    1. Photo and article credits goes to my daughter. Thanks :)

  3. Ang dami ng magagandang phones ngayon without hurting the wallet :) In fairness, Zenfone looks like a good phone :)

    1. Naku, very important nowadays ang budget. So syempre, if the phone has great specs and it's also reasonably priced, buy na agad! :D

  4. Camera and battery life are big factors for me when it comes to smartphones. I really don't like lugging around a huge SLR, so I rely on my camera phone a lot, even for photos for my blog.

    1. Technology nowadays is quite amazing. Imagine, phone camera that can capture images like DSLRs. I love using my phone also instead of big cameras.

  5. I like Asus phones because they are really value for money. Panalo ang wide-angle mode ha.

    1. Galing 'no? Hindi mo na kailangan ng wide-angle lens.

  6. I did not appreciate the pictures at first because they are so small, but when I clicked it, it looks nice naman pala.

    1. Yes, you really won't be able to appreciate the photos on a small screen. We were also a bit apprehensive about the photos prior to transferring them on the laptop but surprise, surprise. Nice shots. :)

  7. What I love about Asus is the battery life. It's one of the brands that I have as a top option for my next phone.

  8. The photos are great, indeed. Sana sinama mo ako. :D

  9. Great phone review! I didn't have a good experience with my previous zenfone, but in fairness, the photos I took were great.

  10. Ang gaganda ng shot. Sobrang important sa akin ng battery life and camera ng phone. Mas ok to kesa magbitbit ng mabigat na camera.

  11. For me that best feature is the wide angle mode. Your sunrise Angkor Wat skyline photo is a wow!


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