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Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Coolest Filipino Marathon Finisher

Louie Sangalang, a multi-sport Filipino athlete and a cancer survivor recently conquered the FWD North Pole Marathon. Hailed as the world's coolest marathon, Louie was able to finish the race amidst severe weather conditions by clocking-in 11 hours and four minutes, and waved the Philippine flag with pride.

This is the second year that FWD sponsored a total of 11 marathon runners amongst the 62 participants from 23 countries. This marathon is definitely a test of endurance as the runners acclimatized themselves and train themselves for two weeks prior to the race.

"Around 75% to 80% of the course was in snowy, uneven terrain which made it difficult to find firm footing, As a result, we had to walk on some parts of the race course," Louie said. "We had great weather with clear skies and minimal wind. However, the extreme cold made the race very challenging."

Louie mentioned that the hardest part of the race was managing the cold while running. And they also experience running at -35 to -40 degrees during nighttime under the midnight sun. But despite the difficulty, the subzero weather, and the challenging terrain, he did not once think of giving up even if he walked some parts of the race. The Filipinos resilient spirit has been his driving force.

"We are very proud of Louie! His healthy lifestyle and background as a multi-sport athlete made him the perfect choice to represent FWD Life Philippines in the North Pole Marathon," said Peter Grimes, FWD Life Philippines President and CEO. "How Louie overcame all the challenges in his life, including this latest one, truly embodies what FWD Life Insurance stands for. FWD believes in grabbing the things that you want out of life, to not let anything stand in the way of living your best life. Louie was determined to finish this marathon despite all odds, and he did it."

The FWD North Polo Marathon is a testament that thru hard work and perseverance to face and overcome the challenge, one will emerge not only victorious but it will also inspire and encourage others to overcome their fears and follow their dreams.


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