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Sunday, October 29, 2017

Lost In Hong Kong: Exploring Wan Chai District

Wan Chai district in Hong Kong is a commercial area with lots of offices, hotels, parks, and of course, the famous Hong Kong International Convention and Exhibition Centre and Central Plaza.

From Tsim Sha Tsui (TST), we rode the ferry that will drop us off to Wan Chai. There's another ferry that goes to Central so we made sure to ride the right one. The drop off in Wan Chai is near the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre. During weekdays, ferry ride costs HKD $2.2 / $2.7 (lower and upper part of ferry) and costs HKD $ 3.2 / $3.7 on the lower and upper part of the ferry on weekends. 

After alighting from the ferry, we just followed the elevated walkway until we reached the convention centre. Currently highlighted at the convention center are bathroom and kitchen fixtures. We didn't check it out though because we were already feeling hungry. It was around 12nn when we arrived in Wan Chai port. 

This is Central Plaza, a 78-storey skyscraper in Wan Chai. We entered the building via the elevated walkway that connects it from other building from the convention centre and Wan Chai port. It was quite busy inside with lots of office workers and only a handful of tourists like us. It also has a grand lobby. My daughter was not in the mood for some photo-ops though because she's hungry already. 

Most of the restaurants that we passed by are full since its lunchtime so we walked a bit and saw Peking Dumpling Wong in Causeway Bay area. We decided to eat here since it is not that crowded yet and I want to eat some dumplings. Read about our lunch at Peking Dumpling Wong

After our hearty lunch, we walked around the area and found some interesting Asian and Continental restaurants. There's Vietnamese, Thai, Outback, a shawarma place, etc. I was tempted to buy the pizza but I was still full from eating dumplings. Happy to note though that San Miguel beer costs the same as Heineken! Hahaha. 

Then we passed by this store selling different kinds of street food. Cost is between HKD $10 - $15. We had some waffles and iced milk tea. A lot of people buy their food here. I noticed though that during the time we went there, most of the people who buy from this street food store are locals. Glad that my daughter speaks Mandarin so its not that hard to communicate. 

We can't seem to tire of eating egg waffles especially when its freshly made! Watch video ----->

Was very amused to see Makati Pub and Disco in Wan Chai district. It was closed though and I think it is open during the evening only. If not for the red taxi, this photo can pass as a scene somewhere in our very own Makati, Philippines. 

We walked around Wan Chai while eating our waffle and milk tea until we saw this playground/ park with lots of benches. We sat down a bit to rest and  then this "amah" arrived and exercised in front of us. She did her exercise for about 20 minutes or maybe more before moving on the to the exercise wheel. 

It was so relaxing to just sit down and enjoy "people watching" in the playground/ park that we lost track of time. We checked our Google Map and headed to Queen's Road East. 

Saw the Ding Ding Tram! This tram is as famous as The Peak tram and the ferry. 

Here's my daughter having her picture taken at the Queen's Road East signage. She's been crazily researching about Queen Victoria ever since she watched the film- "Victoria & Abdul." So this Hong Kong trip is kinda a historical tour for her, and on the plus side- she gets to hone her Mandarin skills. 

More Hong Kong travel tales to follow. Stay tuned! 


  1. We got lost in Hong Kong too and our experience was not as good as yours. Hahahaha... I almost lost my son too in the train station. We didn't do much in HK because it rained the next day. My most fun experience is finally going to Disneyland with the kids. I want to go back soon and stay at the Disneyland Hotel and I want to see the Wan Chai District too. :)

    1. Awwww, too bad about the rain! Haven't been to Disneyland though hahaha ...

  2. Looks like a very busy place. I've not been to HK yet and it's interesting to see that it has a Manila-feel to some parts.

    1. Really busy but I noticed that its an orderly kind of busy. People are calm and not as harried, especially during rush hours.

  3. My husband and I were both undecided if we will have an international flight this year but definitely, Hongkong is one of my country lists. The Makati Pub and Disco in Wan Chai district really has a Makati-vibes.

  4. I would love to "get lost" in HK, too with my family! hahaha I certainly dream of going to Disneyland with them soon. Maybe next year or 2 years from now when our youngest is bigger so he can enjoy more rides.

  5. Some places has a metro vibe. HK looks really clean! This is also one of my bucket list - it's really because of Disneyland! Hehe

  6. I haven't been to Hong Kong but it seems to be just like how I imagine it to be: bustling! Davao is still a very laidback city in comparison lol

  7. Oh I feel a little bit envious seeing travel posts abroad haha, as I've never been out of the country. Some of the shots looks similar to Manila :)

  8. We love HongKong so much and we are planning to go there again and again. I don't know but there's just so much to see in this place.

    1. Yes, Hong Kong is definitely a nice place to visit :)

  9. Hhoping to go there when my son gets older so he xould enjoy Disneyland and will definitely put this on our list.

  10. I'm hoping for a trip to Hong Kong soon with the family. Especially to visit Disneyland and Universal Studios. Gathering everything I can on Hong Kong.


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