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Sunday, October 29, 2017

Addressing Infertility Issues in The New Millennia

I've been hearing a lot of stories about couples who have a hard time conceiving and stories of couples who have undergone medical procedures just to have a baby/babies. There are also relatives and friends who also encountered difficulty in conceiving and sought medical help. And for married couples who doesn't have a child, it can bring emotional turmoil and create a wound in the relationship. Even our society is not sympathetic to the plight of childless couples and is wont to make tasteless remarks or jokes about it.

Dennis and Maureen Basilio with their children.

Luckily, there are now a lot medical solutions and choices such as IVF which is getting quite popular because of its success rate. And one such story about IVF is that of Dennis and Maureen Basilio.

The couple had a hard time conceiving for more than a decade since they got married and the pressure of having a child was so great that they entertained the idea of IVF after 14 years. It was not an easy path for them because they have to raise funds for the procedure and being a business tandem, it means that Maureen will have to take a complete rest. The first time was not a success since she insisted that she join her husband at work so that she can help raise of the IVF funds. After that incident, Dennis really made sure that she rested. They were blessed with two adorable kids who are amongst the numerous children borne via IVF. 

Thru IVF, Merck Philippines has been continuously advocating IVF and other medical research that will help couples achieve their dreams of having a conplete family. 

Aside from IVF, Merck Philippines is also giving support to the Egg Freezing research which was by the way already available in the Philippines. This Egg Freezing option is for young women who has visions of enjoying their careers first before settling down for family life. The eggs of a female person are then harvested and frozen and kept in specialized laboratories in the metro. It was explained that as a woman age, the quality and number of eggs diminishes. 

Merck Philippines recently had an interesting afternoon wherein IVF and Egg Freezing was discussed and explained by medical experts. Also in attendance are interested couples and women. Stay tuned for more details. 


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