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Thursday, September 28, 2017

Blue Water Day Spa Introduces Its Latest Endorsers

With today's busy lifestyle, every one longs for a healthy mind and body, and that is why its a treat to go to the spa and have a relaxing massage.

Blue Water Day Spa, one of the leading pampering and rejuvenation centers in the metropolis, aims to provide what your body and mind needs thru its wide range of spa services and treatments, and even cleansing facials and sculpting will help you in achieving a well-balanced state of well-being.

In line with this, Blue Water Day Spa is proud to present its latest roaster of ambassadors: Michelle Dee, Harry Morris, Fabio Ide, Ara Arida and Christian Bautista.

For Michelle Dee, who has a very hectic schedule that she even sometimes suffers from headaches and stress, Blue Water Day Spa pampers her with the Combo Herbal Massage. With its soothing blend of essential oils, the massage helps release tension away from the body.

The spa's Therapeutic Colonic Massage is perfect for Christian Bautista's lifestyle. His busy schedule and long hours of taping is taking a toll on his health and affecting his weight because he tends to eat more to gain energy and is also affecting his mood. The Therapeutic Colonic Massage is the latest method of losing weight and helps boost energy. This special type of massage also helps rid of the blockages and impurities in one's body system so there's a general feeling of lightness and positive mood.

The spa understands Ara Arida's concerns when it comes to keeping fit and toned. The Y Lift treatment is a combination of facial and skin treatment that helps in reducing signs of skin-aging and gently lifts the face for that youthful look, thus making the face and body radiant and smooth looking.

Fabio Ide and Harry Morris will really benefit from Blue Water Day Spa's Athlete Massage. Being athletes, Fabio and Harry's body are always tired and beaten from training and game. The massage helps these two athletes keep fit while at the same time removes the pain away and help the body in getting more energy boost via the massage.

Blue Water Day Spa is not just a spa, it offers more than just massages because it also help you relax and rejuvenate your mind, body, and spirit at the same time with its numerous spa massages and treatments.


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