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Monday, September 16, 2013

Ultimart and Liliw Shopping Challenge

Sundays for me are usually reserved for my family, waking up late and eating brunch together then going to the church and mall afterwards. But today- I, along with 11 other bloggers were treated to a Food & Cultural Tour hosted by The Aristocrat Group which also includes a 30-minute shopping challenge at Ultimart in San Pablo City and Liliw, Laguna respectively.

It is my first time to join this kind of event and have a chance to bond and get-to-know my fellow bloggers. The long trip was filled with tales and laughter (and food), some trivia and gossip, and all the things that happen during a fieldtrip ride including taking a nap, bumpy roads, and traffic. But it was really fun.

Our first stop was at The Aristocrat branch in Ultimart, San Pablo. After a very filling lunch, we were ordered to shop and look for bargains (if we like) or simply buy lots of stuff with a 2K budget. But of course, there's the reminder that we will still go to Liliw, Laguna so we need to set aside some money for shoes and slippers.

MANGO Outlet, Ultimart San Pablo City - This is quite a nice surprise since it is not well-known that there's a Mango Outlet in San Pablo City. Lots of cool choices but everything is still not that cheap. Actually, I fell in love with a black dress but it cost P1,250 so that's definitely a no-no. Went around the store but didn't find anything to buy.

MOSSIMO Clothing - This is not really an outlet but the store's on sale. I was thinking of getting a shirt or two for my daughter but the XS size still seem to be big for her slim frame.

OTTO Shoes - I saw some nice flats but I reminded myself that we will go to Liliw so footwear is off my list. Btw, I haven't seen an OTTO store for a long time. This brand was one of the popular ones when I was in college.

PENSHOPPE & OXYGEN - Lots of cool stuff like shirts, jeans, hoodies .. Alas, the prices are still not that cheap even if its on sale.

*sigh* I love shopping but this 30-minute challenge is stressing me out. I mean, if its a single store only, I think its possible but there are so many stores in Ultimart.

JAPAN HOME - Okay, we just ran out of liquid hand soap at home. I almost paid for this buy-one-take-one liquid soap but decided not to buy it since there's a Japan Home near my house which is less than a kilometer away.

I was about to go back to Aristocrat (time's almost up) empty handed till I saw a fellow blogger with a Mango paper bag. She mentioned she bought a leggings that cost her P300+. Wow!

So I went back in and checked the racks where she found her item. Oh my! Why didn't I notice that the jeans in that area were marked down to about 70% off. Now this is more like it. Bought myself a corduroy pants that cost P300. Yey! Got the brown one vs the black one because its the only color with has a size 4. And it may not be fashionable at the moment but it will serve as a nice alternative to my daily mommy get-up when I accompany my daughter to school.

After Ultimart in San Pablo City, we headed off to Liliw, Laguna. We all enjoyed the scenic ride with a lot of ooohs and aaahs. I mean, what do you expected when you have a van full of urbanites, right? Every fruit bearing tree that we pass is like something we only get to see in pictures or the television or the internet. Upon arriving in Liliw, we were reminded to finish shopping in 30 minutes only. Oh no! I mean, each store has tons of colorful footwear to choose from and being given a time limit made us all panicky so we jumped off the van as soon as it parked and went on our separate ways. And I didn't get to take a lot of photos simply because I'm keen to focus on my Imedific side, if you know what I mean. ;)

And here's my haul --- mostly in neutral colors! Haha. Well, I did like to get a pink or orange sandals but they don't have it in my size anymore.

Read about my Aristrocrat Food Tour here. 


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