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Wednesday, February 3, 2021

Filipino Consumers Adapted To A More Healthy Diet In The New Normal- Herbalife Nutrition Survey

Herbalife Nutrition, one of the premier global experts when it comes to nutrition recently released its 2020 Diet Decisions Survey. It was found out that 53% who took the survey said that they started eating more fruits and vegetables while 43% opted for a more plant-based food. Based on the survey conducted from 11 Asia Pacific markets, the Philippines ranked the highest when it comes to plant-based foods/meatless options.

From among the different countries in the APAC region that includes Australia, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Philippines, South Korea, Taiwan, and Vietnam, it was gleaned from the survey that lifestyle and motivation played a key role in the consumers adapting to healthier lifestyle and eating habits with the aim of improving overall well-being.

"These results are a good sign that Filipinos are becoming more mindful about their personal health. Making healthier food choices and becoming more open to plant-based and meatless options and staying physically active- these are great ways to start combating obesity, which has been rising worldwide," said Dr. Rocio Medina, Vice Chairwoman and Member, Nutrition Advisory Board, Herbalife Nutrition.

Dr. Medina talked about "Reversing Obesity Among Filipinos" during the Virtual Wellness Tour of Herbalife Nutrition Philippines. 

During the Q&A, Dr. Medina mentioned that while genes has a key role in a person's body built, environment plays a stronger impact in a person's body composition. There is that idea that if you eat the right amount of protein and other nutrients, even if your family is overweight, you will remain healthy as long as there's body activity and healthy diet. And in some cases, a person's emotional well-being also plays an important factor in a person's eating habits. There's the tendency to overeat or not eat at all when one is depressed.

She mentioned the importance of 5 portions of fruit and 5 portions of vegetables in a person's daily diet; and that as much as possible, people especially growing children should refrain from eating junkfood and sugary foods such as cakes, chocolates, and the likes. It is better to get the 3 required macronutrients (protein, carbohydrates, and fats) from fruits and vegetables. 

"Obesity is recognized by leading health organizations, including the American Medical Association and the World Health Organization (WHO), as a chronic disease. It is associated with decreased life expectancy and co-morbidities and requires a long and comprehensive management approach to help people," explained Dr. Medina. She added that the WHO has even declared obesity as the largest global health pandemic in adults and is becoming a more serious problem than malnutrition.

"For many people, targeted behavior coaching, which transforms their eating, exercise, and other habits, known as intensive lifestyle intervention, can make a difference." Educating people about nutrition, its importance is also needed. "Having education in an area helps people think, feel, and behave in a way that contributes to their success, and improves not only their personal satisfaction but also their community."


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