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Thursday, January 21, 2021

Make It A Habit with DermaScience Hand Sanitizer Gel

Filipinos have always been conscious about proper hygiene but moreso when the Covid-19 pandemic struck. Aside from wearing face masks and face shields, washing hands has been one of the defense against the dreaded virus but what if, there's no faucet or washing facility around? 

DermaScience is a newly launched hand sanitizer gel in the country. What sets it apart from the numerous hand sanitizers currently in the market is that is it has no paraben, no color agent, and has moisturizing properties that doesn't dry the skin. 

What's inside my bag?

Gone are the days when one's bag (for the ladies) is filled with make-up and other beauty items such as lippies, mirror, and face powder. Whenever we go out now (in this new normal), you'd find face mask, face shield, alcohol or hand sanitizer, tissue or wet wipes, essential oil, pens inside my bag, aside from the usual wallet and mobile phone. 

What I like about DermaScience Hand Sanitizing Gel 100ml is that it's very handy and can fit easily in my bag or even pocket. It also doesn't leave sticky sediments on the hand after application and it makes my hand feel clean and fresh. Plus factor is the Sakura extract which has a mild sweet scent that adds a special touch. Of course, the 70% alcohol gives assurance that my hands will be germ-free upon use. 


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