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Saturday, October 19, 2019

GCash Advocates #LetsSaveTogether

Based on research, there's about 66% Filipinos who doesn't have a savings account. This is because of the bank's strict requirements and sometimes the location is not that accessible. With these scenario, it is no wonder that most Filipinos are not keen to save since they don't have a savings account.

The #PlsSaveMe hashtag which was posted by netizens sharing their financial woes hits closer to home because this is a burden shared by Filipinos from various walks of life all over the country. With this, GCash launched the #LetsSaveTogether to encourage Filipinos with its financial inclusive GSave, a GCash feature that allows everyone to have a savings account without the hassle of having a maintaining balance and having to fall in line at the bank.

"The campaign aims to help people come out in the open and be honest about their shortcomings with regard to handling finances well. Just as with any problems in life, admitting that you need help is the first step to improvement," said GCash assistant vice president for financial services, Kim Heng.

The digital savings account on the GCash platform is in partnership with digital-first Malaysian bank CIMB. With this feature, users can set aside money and earn up to 12 times higher interest rates as compared to the existing banks in the country. This is aside from having no minimum deposit or maintaining balance required. It is very easy to open also because only one verified ID is needed to get fully verified on the GCash app.

"Our country is known as the top mobile and internet users in the world. With this latest feature, we are taking advantage of this situation by bringing basic financial concepts such as saving on a digital platform in order to empower more Filipinos," shared GCash President and CEO Anthony Thomas.

With this campaign also, GCash aims to encourage Filipinos to save and embrace being a financially empowered digital citizen, this is also in time for the World Savings Day which will be on October 31. #LetsSaveTogether


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